How to Spice Up Your Salads and More with the Wonder-Veg Vegetable Spiralizer

How to Spice Up Your Salads and More with the Wonder-Veg Vegetable Spiralizer

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vegetable spiralizer

I’ve been doing pretty crummy lately. In fact, I’ve been doing crummy for a while now. As mentioned before, the flare that I had throughout most of December and January really took its toll on me. I haven’t really felt the same since. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that I was going into another of those mega-flares.

Something had to change. My doctor made the recommendation for going to more of an anti-inflammatory diet. Basically, with conditions like a chronic migraine or chronic pain, you can get so locked into bad symptoms and triggers that your body needs a reset for any of the medications you are taking to work as they are supposed to. (Ctrl+Alt+Delete yourself if you will lol)

Restrictive diets are nothing new for me. I was a vegetarian for nearly 10 years and even a vegan for most of those years. I actually much prefer a more vegan diet. ( AND I drive a Prius..oh lawdy!)

…but seriously, have you guys tried Indian food? Or the food at those Hari Krishna events? They had a (temple? Is that the word for their places of worship? I’ll have to look that one up…) near where I went to college. I just loved it. The food, the people, the beautiful colors used in decorations. It was such a great experience…but I digress. The FOOD!!

I had lost just under 100 lbs in 2015 after gaining a horrible amount due to depression medications. However, the medication that I had been put on recently for Fibromyalgia was causing it to pile back on….and FAST!

So while sitting here miserable and contemplating my doctor’s advice not long ago I decided that something had to give, and here we are. I have returned to the diet that worked so well for me in the past. In fact, it isn’t even a technical “diet” but more a simpler way of eating.

I call it the depression diet, but it has nothing really to do with mental health. Rather, it’s inspired by my grandmother’s recipes and foods that were eaten during a simpler less processed time.

In its most basic form, the depression diet is simply eating foods that would have been eaten during the depression and nothing else. Of course, there are some liberties but if it isn’t food in its purest form or very simply prepared it isn’t going to be a part of my lifestyle.

I’ll be adding more information about the diet itself and TONS of great recipes in the future so be sure to join our mailing list for more on that!

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vegetable spiralizer

Today, though, I want to talk to you guys about the Wonder-Veg vegetable spiralizer! Salads can get so boring sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good salad but how many ways can you spice up lettuce?? Sure, you can add this or that but it’s still going to be a salad.

I received the Wonder-Veg vegetable spiralizer for an honest review and I have to say that I was pretty excited. I’ve been thinking up recipes and ideas for these for some time now.

In fact, I had originally had a completely different idea for it when I received it, but then another came to me. After playing with it for a while, however, I ended up doing something completely different. ( There will no doubt be more posts coming with ideas from this awesome little gadget!)

vegetable spiralizer

The box comes with a variety of extra parts such as additional suction cups to hold it down during operation. There is also an operation manual with a few recipes in there too!

The main part of the gadget comes with the choice of three blade types. One for thin curls, one for thicker curls, and a final for chips or flakes. (Yes, you heard right…chips!!)

I am so excited for that one. Chips have always been a hard junk food for me to say no to so the idea of making my own from healthier ingredients is awesome!

vegetable spiralizer

My assistant and I did two vegetables in the Wonder-Veg vegetable spiralizer for this review. We chose to try out zucchini and carrots. (The zucchini makes an awesome mustache!)

The zucchini turned out great! It makes a long “noodle” ( or zoodle as the cool kids call them), and you actually get much more out of one regular size zucchini that I had originally anticipated.

It’s a simple matter of slicing off the ends of the zucchini, positioning it properly in the gadget, and cranking your way to fresh vegetable noodles.

vegetable spiralizer

The carrot, I do have to say, did not seem to do as well as the zucchini did. I think, perhaps, it is because it had a smaller base to really fit in there as well as the zucchini. Once we got it to work though it made awesome flat swirls.

I already have a list of different vegetables (and maybe chocolate…hmmm) that I want to try out in the Wonder-Veg. The possibilities are really quite endless.

Originally, I was planning on doing a garlic/parmesan mixture to use on the vegetable twirls that came out. Then, I was thinking of a homemade marinara.

In the end, it reminded me so much of the Asian salads I loved the texture of while living in Japan that I threw on some tomatoes and doused it all in ginger sesame dressing. It was so good! I just wish I would have had some fresh corn to throw in the mix. Japanese salads always had fresh corn and I got so hooked on corn in a salad while I was there.

I really don’t have many complaints about the Wonder-Veg vegetable spiralizer. As mentioned above, I had been wanting to try one of these gadgets for a while now. I can safely say I am so hooked on it now that I have. I plan on spending most of my day today experimenting with potato chip (and maybe apple chip? I don’t know it may be too soft…we’ll see!) flavors.

The one thing I did have an issue with is that it is slightly hard to change between the blades. The blade panels seemed to stick in the gadget slightly and were hard to remove. However, I think that this is just because it is new.

Overall, I’m loving having this in my kitchen and plan on using it very often! I think it will be so helpful in sticking with my new “diet”.

Right now you can pick one up for yourself at a 20% discount with a special promo code offered to Ghastly Girl readers! Head over to Amazon and grab yours now with code CELEBR20!

Once you get yours be sure to come back and share all of the recipes you come up with. I am so excited for all of the things you can do with these and would love to hear what everyone else thinks up!

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An honest review of the WonderVeg vegetable spiralizer for making zoodles, chips, and much more! ( Plus an awesome discount for our readers!) #vegetablespiralizer #zoodle #vegetablerecipe








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