Monday Makers Party Week One : Valentines Day Conversation Heart Garland

Monday Makers Party Week One : Valentines Day Conversation Heart Garland

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Oh, my gosh you guys I am so excited it is FINALLY the day of our first every Monday Makers Party! The MiniMakers and I have been working hard to get everything all set up for this week, and I am so excited to see what you all have to share with us!

The Rules

I know, nobody wants to be a stick in the mud, but before we get started there are a few rules to the event that I want to refresh just to keep things fair and fun for everyone.

  1. Please keep all links family oriented and G-rated. Anything you wouldn’t want your kids, or someone else’s kids seeing is better left for somewhere else. I respect your right to make a purple bedazzled phallus but please keep those for somewhere else.
  2. All links must be crafting or DIY related. Kids crafts are welcome along with adult crafts. We love seeing the creativity of MiniMakers around here too!
  3. I would love to see everything that you have done lately. However, to keep it fair to everyone please keep it to two links per blog, per week.
  4. If you join in the party on any particular week please be sure to stop by and comment on at least one other blog that has joined us.

I’m not going to make it a rule, but if you are going to join in our link party it would be awesome for you to subscribe to our newsletter so that you can get updates on upcoming weekly themes, and much more.

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Conversation Heart Garland

Valentines Conversation Heart Garland

This Valentines Conversation Heart Garland is a quick and easy DIY that anyone can put together in an afternoon. It does require some sewing but can be done with hand stitching or a sewing machine depending on your materials on hand and personal preference.

Materials Needed:

felt (4-6 colors depending on how many hearts you want, each makes two hearts)

ribbon of choice or twine (I used a velvet ribbon both for added strength and aesthetic purposes. It is really just up to how you want yours to look, anything will work as long as you keep in mind the weight of the hearts once they are stuffed)

marking pen

sewing pins (8-12)


stuffing material

white acrylic paint (thinned slightly with water to work with fabric)

lettering tool (probe or other tools for drawing letters on hearts)

needle and thread

cut out hearts

Step One:

Fold the felt in half and mark out two hearts using the fabric marker. It doesn’t matter how neat you are on this step because this will be the inside of the hearts. You can use cardboard to make a heart template, a heart-shaped cookie cutter, or any other heart-shaped object that you like.

I have a cookie cutter that I use for other projects so I decided to use it. Be sure to put a pin in the center of each heart to pin the two pieces of felt that you have folded together. When this is cut out you will have two hearts pinned together.


Once your hearts are cut out you can begin sewing them together. Leave a 1.5 – 2-inch segment (depending on the ribbon you use) open on one side of the heart, and a 2-inch segment open on the other side of the heart. The segment side will be used to turn the heart right side out.

stuffed hearts

Step Three:

Turn all of the hearts right side out once they have been stuffed. Using your probe be sure that all of the edges are turned out the right way. Fill the hearts with your stuffing material.


Step Four:

Pass the ribbon through each of the hearts. This may be a little more difficult for thicker ribbons. A hooked probe can be useful here. (Just be careful to not pull the stuffing material out.)

Once your ribbon is through each of your hearts, adjust the spacing of your hearts and close the hearts up using hand stitching. You can either sew around the ribbon to allow your hearts to still be movable, or sew the ribbon into place.

paint the hearts

Step Five:

Using the slightly thinned acrylic paint and the probe begin to put your conversation heart messages onto each heart. This may take a few layers depending on how thick or thin you put your paint on. As it dries it will dry into the fabric rather than onto the fabric which makes it look more like real conversation hearts. If you prefer you could omit this part and simply have a heart garland that you could use year round.

Show Us Your Stuff

Add your links below to show off what you’ve been making this week! Have you been baking or working with clay? I really can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Be sure to tag your Instagram posts with #MondayMakersParty for us to share on our special Monday Makers Party Instagram account as well!

Minimaker Monday

Step Two:

This week our MiniMakers have a fun project put together for our um..smaller..audience. They had so much fun doing this and were excited to share a part of their world with you.

DIY Slime Tutorial

Items Needed:

1 Tbsp Borax

1 C hot water

2 ounces glue

2 ounces water

(glitter, or food coloring depending on how you want your slime to look)

(bugs, charms, or anything else you want to put into your slime)


MiniMakers Step One



Combine the Borax and hot water (carefully) and mix until fully dissolved. Borax is a toxic substance so be sure not to let any pets or small children near this mix. Also be sure not to touch your lips, eyes, or nose while you are working with this mix. Put this part aside once it is fully dissolved.

Minimizers Step Two



Open the glue and pour into a second bowl. Add the same amount of water into this bowl. (one part glue, one part water) One way to easily do this is to use your glue bottle to measure your water. Mix the glue and water until thoroughly combined.

MiniMakers Monday Step Three



Begin to slowly add the Borax and water mixture into the glue and water mixture. You only want to add small amounts each time until you reach the desired texture of slime. This may take a while. Knead the slime with your hands as you add the borax and water mixture into it.

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