Monday Maker’s Party & Strawberry DIY Hair Barrettes

Monday Maker’s Party & Strawberry DIY Hair Barrettes

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The Monday Maker’s Party is BACK!! Yeah, I know. It’s been a while. To say that a lot has happened is an understatement, you guys.

My son has had some pretty serious medical issues. He is almost constantly sick and has had blood work come back bad so they have referred him to Oncology at our local children’s hospital. (It’s safe to say I’ve been a bit of a trainwreck over that adventure).

My daughter has started homeschooling again. (While I’m pretty upset with her public school experience and how much I feel that they let her down as a special needs student I am SO excited to have her home. I just love homeschooling!)

My own health has taken a turn for the worse. While I’ve always dealt with chronic illness it seems like my flares have been getting more severe and last longer. Some symptoms have decided to stay on as seemingly permanent changes rather than flares. (They could really go back to just flares any time now, as much as I hate those lol)

I guess you could say that my heart just hasn’t been in it lately, and some days I just physically can’t do anything.

Enough of that though, we’re back baby! I love working on this site since it is my little escape from things sometimes. We all need a hobby and crafting, baking, and doing awesome things with my kids is definitely an awesome hobby (or hobbies..?) in my book.

This week for the Monday Maker post the mini makers and I made some polymer clay strawberry DIY hair barrettes. We love working with polymer clay (even if we aren’t quite expert sculptors.) Personally, I prefer things that don’t quite look perfect because they have a personality all their own. As my daughter calls them…our “derpy strawberries” are definitely more fun for us.

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DIY hair barrettes

We began our strawberries with just small balls of green and pink polymer clay. Although there are so many tools you can use on clay we really only used two here. We used a small tool that is actually from a nail kit for dimpling the strawberries, and a straight “blade” probe from my clay kit. ( I know, so technical lol)

Work the clay until pliable and hand form a small strawberry. (About the size of a dime.) You will want the bottom of your strawberry to be a little flat rather than making a full strawberry. This helps them attach to the hairpins.

DIY hair barrettes

The leaves can be a little tricky. For us, the easiest way to create them is to form a flat leaf and pinch slightly at one end causing it to curl up a little. Using the flat tool create a small line in the middle of the leaf. (If you want to get fancy you can do more lines using the same tool)

Be careful attaching the leaf to the strawberry as you can flatten your line if you press too hard. (We totally didn’t do that…about 4 times or so… Nah)

DIY hair barrettes

Using a small tool with the ball end create the dimpling effect on the strawberries. You just want to press down enough to barely make a mark in the clay. ( We use a small manicure dotting tool for this as it makes nice little dots in clay) 

You can use the same tool to create a face, or you can paint one on. I have used both methods with my projects and find they work just as well either way. For these guys, we decided to go with making the faces (derpy faces lol) with the tool and then adding paint to accent at the end.

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DIY hair barrettes

Well, I’m redecorating my craft room so my lighting is horrible right now lol. I should have got better images since the lighting really doesn’t do these little guys justice. BUT once they are finished baking (per package directions, usually around 15 minutes or so at 300) the real fun starts.

You can do it one of two ways. I’ve read positive things on both and it’s really just a personal preference. You can glaze once then paint or you can paint straight on the clay. For these guys, we chose to do one layer of glaze and then paint.

Once painted and glazed ( I do 2-3 coats of glaze on barrettes. I like them super shiny.) The strawberries can be attached using a jewelry adhesive like e6000 or just hot glue depending on how strong of a bond you want.

monday makers party

Enough about us though, we want to hear what YOU have been up to since last we talked! Of course, we just have a few rules to get out of the way.

The Rules

I know, nobody wants to be a stick in the mud, but before we get started there are a few rules to the event that I want to refresh just to keep things fair and fun for everyone.

  1. Please keep all links family oriented and G-rated.  Anything you wouldn’t want your kids, or someone else’s kids seeing is better left for somewhere else. I respect your right to make a purple bedazzled phallus but please keep those for somewhere else.
  2. All links must be crafting or DIY related. Kids crafts are welcome along with adult crafts. We love seeing the creativity of MiniMakers around here too!
  3. I would love to see everything that you have done lately. However, to keep it fair to everyone please keep it to two links per blog, per week.
  4. If you join in the party on any particular week please be sure to stop by and comment on at least one other blog that has joined us.

I’m not going to make it a rule, but if you are going to join in our link party it would be awesome for you to subscribe to our newsletter so that you can get updates on upcoming weekly themes, and much more.

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Thanks for joining us this week! We can’t wait to see more of your crafts and awesome projects next week!

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