Mommy Bloggers Anonymous: A New Support Group for Mom Bloggers

FInding support for new bloggers can be difficult. There are a number of great groups out there. Some are filled with experts who can answer any questions that may arise as you start your blogging journey. Others have tech experts who can fix your blog when you inevitably add a plugin that renders the whole thing useless. Some groups are just plain fun to have to interact with others who totally get the frustrations of life as a blogger. 

There are several great groups out there to help get your content in front of more eyes. Unfortunately, many of these groups cover all niches in one big thread. This can be an effective way of getting more traffic. However, for more targeted traffic that will stick around once they find you it is better to find a group that is based in your niche.

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This is where the idea for Mommy Bloggers Anonymous came about. By offering a place for only momlife related content we would not only provide a place for your content to be shared with an audience who will be interested, but also provide you with posts from other moms that your audience will be interested in. 

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Blogging Tips and Tutorials

In addition to content swapping with other bloggers, we will be focusing on a topic from the world of blogging each month. This could be anything from technical skills to branding. Each month we will have a new tutorial available to help new bloggers learn something they may not already know. 

We will also be having a once-monthly chat session ( that you are free to opt-out of, of course) where you can ask any questions that you may have about blogging. 

Blog Sharing Support

Each and every day we will have multiple chat threads available where you can share your content with other bloggers and find new content to share with your audience!

There is no requirement to join each and every day but only when you feel like it. However, the more active we keep these chat threads the more content you will have to share with your readers. 

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Mommy Bloggers Anonymous Weekend Pinterest Party

Each weekend we will be holding a Pinterest pin link up party from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. Each blogger will be invited to post up to two pins to our party. Each of these pins will be added to our party Pinterest board. In addition, we request that each blogger who joins us also repins at least two other pins from party participants to their boards.

This not only helps your fellow bloggers get their content out there but also helps you by keeping relevant content on your best boards. Of course, this party is only open for mom-related family content. ( Recipes, crafts, parenting tips, etc.) 

Join our Admin Team

We are currently looking for 1-2 more administrators to help us run Mommy Bloggers Anonymous. This includes helping with daily threads and helping with at least one monthly tutorial per quarter ( every 4 months). 

All candidates must be fluent Facebook users and must come from a parenting or momlife focused blog. The best candidates will be those not only looking to expand their audience but those who are passionate about building a community of moms who are there to support each other through the blogging journey. 

As an admin of our group you can choose to only assist in our Facebook group or to take part in our Pinterest party by becoming a co-host (or both!) 

If you are interested in joining our admin team please message us on the blog or on Facebook.

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Monthly Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway

As a thank you to our awesome members we will be holding a monthly $10 Starbucks gift card giveaway. All members are automatically enrolled in our giveaway ( unless you contact us to opt-out.)

We are also offering one extra entry for each new member that you refer to our group. If you do refer new members please be sure that they mention your name in our group entry questions. This way we can attribute them to you so you can earn your extra entry in our coffee giveaway. Extra entries reset each month so the more new members you refer the more chances you have for FREE coffee! Who doesn’t love coffee? As bloggers, I think we sometimes live on it.

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