Calm Anxiety with a Free Mindful Nature Scavenger Hunt

nature scavenger hunt
We all need a break from the stress we are under. Doing mindful exercises and spending time in nature can be a great way to escape the stress and reset. This mindful nature scavenger hunt is a fun way for all ages to do just that.
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Living in a pandemic is stressful for anyone. No matter what your age or where you live there is a good chance you are feeling on edge. It may not be all the time, and you might not even notice it. Under the surface though, it is brewing.
Often when exposed to this brewing stress for an extended time we begin to feel it. Shoulder muscles get tense. Headaches are more frequent. Some people become more irritable and others begin to have trouble concentrating.
There are many mental and physical ways that stress can affect us. Over time, stress that has been ignored or overlooked can lead to serious long-term consequences. Doing fun exercises like this mindful nature scavenger hunt can be a great way to break up stress and calm anxiety.
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Using Mindfulness to Relieve Anxiety

Mindfulness is a great way to help keep your anxiety levels under control. Put simply, mindfulness is keeping your awareness on one thing. By doing this we can begin to force our brains to let go of stress. We are also able to better fully enjoy what we are doing because our thoughts aren’t all over the place. Mindfulness is also a great way to keep automatic negative thoughts or rumination at bay.

Almost any activity that you do in your life can be done mindfully. One can eat mindfully, clean in a mindful way, or even have conversations mindfully. Adding daily meditation to your schedule can be a great way to add mindful exercises to your day.

This free nature scavenger hunt printable is a great mindful exercise for all ages. Younger children can find items that are pretty or that make them happy. Older children and adults can put a little more effort into selecting the perfect items.

You can even take this mindful nature scavenger hunt a step further and turn it into a journal activity. One idea is to write out what each item means to you, or their importance in nature. Coming up with a story for one of your found items or the group as a whole is another fun mindful activity you could do.

This can be a whole family activity by letting children find items that catch their eye and adults helping create a story for them.

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The Power of Nature to Relieve Stress

There is no denying the importance of nature in our lives as humans. You could say it’s in our, well, nature. As a species that came from a hunter-gatherer past it is weird for us to be mostly sedentary in offices or on couches.

There are some who say that this is exactly why we as a society deal with as much stress as we do these days. All of the technology and modern convenience in our lives can be more of a hindrance than a help because it goes beyond our basic biology.

There’s no denying that even the basic aspects of a nature hike are good for our mental and physical health. The sun shining overhead gives us Vitamin D which is good for immunity and brain health.

Fresh air can help open up the lungs and the act of hiking can improve cardiac and limbic health by increasing blood flow. The peaceful sights and even the sounds of nature can have a calming effect on us because of the change from our often loud, busy environments.

It’s perfectly fine if you are unable to go to a state park or nature preserve during the pandemic. You can easily complete this fun nature scavenger hunt printable in your backyard or a local park. Of course, the further you can get from city lights and the sounds of our busy lives the better.
free mindful nature scavenger hunt printable

Free Mindful Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable

This free nature scavenger hunt printable is a great way to add a mindful activity to your day. It is simple enough that kids of any age will enjoy it. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved too. Everyone may have unique and different ideas on what to find.

You are welcome to use this free scavenger hunt printable as you wish. However, I do request that it not be added to other websites without contacting me for permission. Of course, I also request that you keep my website information on it so others will know where to find one.

mindful nature scavenger hunt

If you post any pictures of your family doing our mindful nature scavenger hunt be sure to tag @ghastly_girl! We would love to see all of the cool things you find out in nature!

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