How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag and MMP #2

ice cream in a bag

Summer is almost here in Arkansas and we are so here for it. If I’ve learned one thing since moving to the south is that we don’t technically get a spring. We get tornado season, but no spring like the one I knew living in Ohio. It more or less goes straight from cold to swampy mosquito season.

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After all of the cold and rain we’ve had over the past few months, we’ll take it. We decided to celebrate the coming end of the school year and return to warmer weather with a little ice cream in a bag for today’s Monday Maker’s Party. 

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ice cream in a bag

How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag

This is a great project to do with kids of any age. It can get a little tiring to do all of the shaking needed to make the ice cream so be sure an adult is around for when little arms need a time out. You can alter the simple recipe to fit any dietary needs if needed as well. We chose add-ins that we had on hand but you can do any that your family likes. There are so many combinations you can do like tutti fruity or even chocolate mint cookie! 


8 oz heavy cream 

2 T pure cane sugar 

2 C ice 

two zipper freezer bags (you want ones that close very well) 

food coloring (if desired) 

food flavoring of choice (we used Watermelon!

add-ins ( candy, marshmallows, cereal, cookies, etc) 

ice cream in a bag


Pour the heavy cream into a mixing bowl. Add in the sugar and stir briskly with a whisk. Add in the food coloring until your desired color is reached. (You can skip this step if you prefer). Add in any flavoring you are using. Be sure to use flavoring sparingly. Most are super concentrated and more than a few drops will give you a very strong flavor. Yup, with little nerdlet helpers we have found that out the hard way more than once. 

Pour the ingredients of your mixing bowl into one of the bags. Put the first bag into the second one and add ice between the two bags. You can add another bag if you feel that your little ones will be extra messy. 

ice cream in a bag

We decided to go outside for the next step because it gets pretty messy. Shake the cream inside of your bags until it begins to thicken. This will take a while so get ready to shake shake shake! Be sure to turn your bags over after every 25 shakes or so to incorporate all of the heavy cream into your thickened end product. 

If you have anyone with sensory issues in the family you may want to wear gloves because your hands can get very cold and wet during this activity no matter how hot it is outside. (This is where the double bagging can come in handy because it helps to keep a lot of the melted ice off of your hands.) 

ice cream in a bag

You can do your add-ins one of two ways (or both!). You can put them into the mix in your mixing bowl before adding your ice cream mix into the bag. You can also just add them in once your ice cream has thickened. Either way works just fine. We actually went with both and added a few things before and after thickening up our ice cream in a bag mixture. 

We had some great Lucky Charms marshmallows leftover from a local bulk health food store so we decided to add them into our ice cream in a bag. Of course, if we would have added them in before mixing they might have melted. Due to this, we decided to wait until after our ice cream was thickened to add them in. We did put a little bit of candy into the mix before thickening it though. 

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