Why You Need to Learn How to Make Oobleck with Your Little Scientists Now!

how to make oobleck

Ok, I will admit. I am such a nerd for science. I just love it. There is something so fun about experimenting with things and figuring out how and why they work. This has been a blessing and a curse for my kids when it comes to homeschool science ( “ugh mom not another experiment” lol) 

Of course, it doesn’t get more fun than ooey gooey science though.

What kid doesn’t like a slimy mess?

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Oobleck fits the bill for both awesome science and slimy gooey fun. It is a great way to teach states of matter and can be tied to reading and language with the Dr. Suess book Bartholemew and the Oobleck. Overall, the lesson that we put together was a ton of fun both for my little scientist and for me!

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How to Make Oobleck

how to make oobleck

First, and most importantly, get yourself an awesome little helper!

Say hello to Hanah, my helper for today. 🙂 We are doing Oobleck for our 6th-grade science review. We like to do a review of concepts covered the previous year at the beginning of a new year just to make sure that all of the concepts learned are still holding strong.

how to make ooblek

Gather needed ingredients to make your Oobleck.

  • 1 Cup Cornstarch
  • 1/2 Cup water
  • Food Coloring of your choice. ( we used blue and red to make purple)
  • large bowl

You can use any amount that you want as long as you have half as much water as you do Cornstarch. We find that the 1 Cup to 1/2 Cup ratio is easy to remember, though.

You can put your cornstarch into your large bowl.

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how to make oobleck

Mix your food coloring into the water. Just how much you use will depend on how dark or light of a color you want for your final product.

Generally, around 4-5 drops of food coloring will create the color that you want. You can use any type of food coloring that you want for this one. We just used the liquid kind so that it would blend quickly with the water.

Stir until food coloring is completely mixed into the water.

how to make oobleck

Pour the colored water into the cornstarch and start mixing.

You can use a mixing spoon if you want, but we found that it’s really best to just get your hands in there and mix it.

You will have the right consistency once all of the cornstarch is blended with the water.

how to make oobleck

Time to get sciency!

Try any experiments that you can think of here. Pour it, punch it, squish it in your fingers! Find all of the different ways that you can play with your shiny new Oobleck!

Be careful though, this stuff is so much fun it can be addictive!

And don’t worry mamas, it’s completely safe and non-toxic! Although, I would be careful of staining clothing since you are working with food coloring.

So how did you do? Did you learn something new today?

Oobleck is so awesome because it is an example of a non-newtonian fluid. This means that it is a fluid that doesn’t quite follow Newton’s law of viscosity. ( Have you studied Newton yet? He’s a pretty awesome dude! )

Viscosity is the measure of a fluid’s ability to resist gradual deformation by shear or tensile stresses. This means that the flow behavior only changes as a result of differing pressure or temperature. ( Did you try warming of freezing your Oobleck? No? Go, try it out! We’ll wait.)

how to make oobleck

Free Printable for How to Make Oobleck Lesson

Looking for a lesson plan for Oobleck? We’ve got you covered with free printables for all subjects that are full of slimy fun!

You can find more printables and worksheets in our Homeschool Mamas area!

Happy Reading!

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Learn how to make the super fun non-Newtonian fluid and grab our free homeschool worksheet bundle to go along with the Dr. Seuss book. #homeschoolresources #freeworksheet #science #DrSeuss

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Learn how to make the super fun non-Newtonian fluid and grab our free homeschool worksheet bundle to go along with the Dr. Seuss book. #homeschoolresources #freeworksheet #science #DrSeuss
Learn how to make oobleck from the book Bartholemew and the Oobleck AND grab your free homeschool worksheet printables! GhastlyGirl.com

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