25 of the Most Excellent Gifts for Geeks Under $25

If you ask me, geeks are pretty awesome. We are the first ones to go-to for all of the best music recommendations, movie ideas, and even obscure Simpsons quotes. We are aficionados of science, mathematics, and pretty wicked at some D&D. ( Ok, ok I’ll be fair. I am not the geek you are looking for when it comes to math problems. You want superhero facts though and I’m your girl.) With the holidays coming it’s the perfect time to share some of my favorite picks when it comes to handmade gifts for geeks. Hopefully, we’ll have a fandom or two that you know and love!

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Geeky Gifts for Her

Geek girls are the best so why not treat them with the best? These gifts are hand-picked by the Ghastliest of geek girls just for the lady in your life.

Dr. Who Tardis Scarf by Aslidesin

Do you have a lady in your life who dreams of flying through the skies in Galafrian style? This best-selling Doctor Who scarf will keep her warm and cozy and keep her nerd-cred high with its delicate design. As an infinity scarf, it can be worn around the neck as a loop or wrapped twice for a closer style and extra warmth!

I Paused My Game to Be Here Tee by SentimaDesign 

This tee is an awesome grab for the gamer girl in your life. Whether they’re wandering the wasteland in Fallout 76, riding through the wild west in Red Dead Redemption, or herding dodos in Ark: Survival Evolved they can do it in style with this fashionable and ultra-comfy tee!

Advanced Spells Notebook by Literary Emporium

No matter whether she is house Hufflepuff or house Slytherin your favorite wizard will love this beautiful notebook to add to her literary collection. I just love notebooks like this as a great way to plan out the year ahead, keep track of important ideas, and much more!

Darth Vader Camping Mug by pnwenamalco

Mugs are everything right now. If the geeky girl in your life prefers a galaxy far far away this fun Darth Vader mug is the perfect holder for that (often cold) coffee that fuels her busy day!

Avengers Assemble Collage Hard Case Phone Cover by HammtoStore 

Ok, I’m not even going to lie. I may have to buy myself a little present with this one! Any Marvel loving lady will love this sweet Avengers phone case for iPhone 7, iPhone 6, or Samsung Galaxy. I mean, how could you not love the Avengers? Earth’s mightiest heroes are the perfect addition to any phone. (ok, I may be a little biased lol) 

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Geeky Gifts for Him

I’m a pretty big fan of geeky guys myself. So much so that I married one! Even if you may have to always remember that Han shot first or let them beat you in a game of Mario Kart once in a while it’s pretty awesome to have a geeky guy around to keep you company. The holidays are the perfect time to show the geek guy in your life how much you appreciate having someone around that actually gets all of your Monty Python references.

4 Hook Pokemon Themed Key Holder by GeekPropaganda

Is there a Poke-man (see what I did there?) in your life? This super cute key holder is the perfect gift for the guy always on the Pokemon Go! (ok, ok I’m done with the puns…maybe. for now.) In all seriousness though this key holder would be an awesome addition to any geeky man cave!

Gun Soap by Gifansy 

Ok, really. Gun soap. I just couldn’t pass this one up. If you happen to be dating Wade Wilson then girl this is for you! Even if he isn’t quite Deadpool this is still pretty freakin’ funny if you ask me.

Butts, Butts, Butts bathroom decor by Ugly Baby

Let’s be honest ladies. What guy doesn’t love butts? Either way, this one was just too awesome to pass up. It’s yet another perfect addition to any manly bathroom.

When the Dungeon Master Smiles Tee by oTZIshirts 

Does your guy slay bugbears and beholders? This all too true tee is a great choice for any guy who loves a good game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Solid Chocolate Play Station Controller by The Sugar Club 

Some say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Other’s say it’s through his fourth and fifth rib. There’s no better (and much less stabby) way to get to a man’s heart than with a big ol hunk of chocolate. He can be gnawing away on this controller while he uses the real ones to web-sling his way through Spiderman or bust a sick orange justice in Fortnite. 

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Geeky Gifts for Kids

If you have a little nerdling at home what better way to steer them to the best fandoms (aka all the ones you love, of course) than with geeky bribes holiday gifts. No matter whether you are raising a muggle or even a couple of little hobbits there are so many awesome handmade gifts available for the mini-geeks in your life this year! 

Crocheted Yoda Hat for Kids by Froggy Princess 

Freeze this year they will not with this super adorable handmade Yoda hat for your favorite little Jedi (or Sith, no judgment here. We all feel the dark side some days.) I am so in love with the ears on this! It’s the perfect addition to any little nerdling’s winter wardrobe.

Minecraft Creeper Soap by FUNintheTub

I have yet to meet a kid that isn’t in love with everything Minecraft. Sure once they hit middle school or so Fortnite starts to take over a little but they usually find their way back to Minecraft fairly often. This creeper soap is the perfect size to be a useful and awesome stocking stuffer! ( Just be careful they don’t blow up! lol)

Axolotl Fish Bowl Necklace by Mythillogical

I fell in love with Axolotls while living in Japan. The pet store not far from our house always had one or two of them in the huge aquarium department. Apart from the guinea pig clothes, the Axolotls were my absolute favorite part of the store. I used to always look forward to stopping by to see them. Once we returned to the states I was so happy to see that they were becoming more mainstream here. Many of my daughter’s friends are pretty obsessed with them so I know tons of girls who would be SO excited to get a cute little Axolotl buddy to wear this year. 

Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess Canvas Tote by The Totes Rock 

Oh my glob you guys. This tote is everything. Even though Adventure Time broke my geeky little heart with their last episode this year I can’t help but love just about anything from this show. This awesome LSP tote will keep your little nerds from looking like smooth posers at their next sleepover, trip to the library, or just about anywhere.


You Remind Me of the Babe Labyrinth Onesie by OhRexyThreads

I’m pretty sure I would have been ok with being taken by the Goblin King. I always had such a mad crush on Jareth back when I was an 80’s kid. This Labyrinth inspired onesie is the perfect gift for the smallest of nerdlings.

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Geeky Gifts for the Home

Do you have a geeky friend who moved into a new home or started a new family this year? A fun new home accessory may just be the best choice when it comes to a holiday gift! Here are some of my favorites available this year! 

Igby the Robot Succulent Planter by Robotinc

This little guy was just too cute to not add to the list. His little smile makes him perfect for a home office, kids rooms, or just about anywhere else. I’m a pretty big fan of unique succulent planters too. They are just the perfect addition for a fun touch of life and color in any room. 

Space Invaders Retro Acrylic Coasters by AQuarterPastEight

Growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s arcades were still a thing that could be found with ease. There was a huge one in the local mall and even when I went to college there was a massive arcade almost hidden behind a Subway on the main drag of the college town I lived in. When we moved to Japan there were multi-story arcades everywhere. It was amazing. Nowadays they are pretty few and far between. I am always happy to see awesome nostalgia items that remind me of my favorite arcade games and these super cute Space Invaders coasters are definitely on that list! 

Serotonin Cotton Linen Throw Pillow by projectgoodvibes

When you live with mental illness and suck at making your own serotonin you can get a little geeky about finding a little extra here and there. What better idea than adding it to your home decor? I love the idea of this and it’s such a fun way to help break the stigma and open up conversation about living with a mental illness. 

Unicorn Tears Scented Candle by Happy Piranha

Unicorns are life lately. For some of us though, let’s face it, when haven’t they been? We’ve come a long way from the cheesy plastic sparkle unicorns of our youth mamas. These awesome scented candles are a fun and stylish way to show our love of unicorns and freshen our spaces with the scents of peach blossom, jasmine, and parma violet. 

Captain America Inspired Mini Glass DIsh by SamsaraGlassDesigns

This beautiful Cap inspired glass dish would be the perfect addition to any snack spread or even in the bedroom as an awesome jewelry holder. Even though the Avengers broke our hearts in Infinity War I am still loving this piece. It’s a one of a kind too! (Just like our favorite nerd from Brooklyn turned super soldier lol)  

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Geeky Gifts for Pets

For many of us, the animals that live with us are members of the family. It’s only natural to pick up a holiday gift or two for them as well! I always love finding fun new high-quality handmade presents for my fur babies regardless of the occasion. 

8-Bit Retro Bow Tie Collar by Pawsonify

This bow tie collar is just so adorable. It’s the perfect addition to any cat’s personal style. How could anyone go wrong with cats and bow ties? Inconceivable, I tell you. 

Gameboy Felt Catnip Cat Toy by frommetomew

My cats are always with me when I’m gaming. Of course, they’re busy judging my skills (or lack thereof). Even though they may be lacking in the thumb department they can join in the games right along with you with this fun and super cute Gameboy catnip toy.

Hogwarts House Personalized Pet Bowls by Gryphonwick

This adorable clay pet food bowl features the house colors, house shield, and house color of your favorite Hogwart’s house along with your pets name. Even muggle pups will appreciate this one!

Star Wars Inspired Pet ID Tag by Handmade Post Tags 

I’m pretty sure one of my dogs helped to inspire this one. Whether your dog is Jedi or Sith just about any dog mom (or dad) could appreciate the accuracy here. This stylish hand stamped ID tag comes with the Star Wars inspired quote and your contact information.

Kitty Poindexter Nerd Glasses for Cats by NotSoKittyShop

The cat mom in me knows that my boys would be (even more) disgusted with me if I got them a pair of these. The crazy cat lady in me knows that this is so happening. Cats are pretty awesome in my book. Cats with nerdy glasses though? Ohmigosh.

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