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I firmly believe that we don’t deserve dogs. Through everything I have been through lately as I fight another whammy of a flare my beloved best friend, Beef (long story there), has been by my side. She refuses to leave me when I’m having one of my worse days, and I honestly don’t know how I would ever be able to cope without her. My army of cats couldn’t care less that I’m not feeling well as long as their food bowl is full and Reno has his favorite tree to wreck freshly watered each day.

Dogs, on the other hand, seem to have an uncanny ability to know when you could really use a friend. They take their duty of best friend all too seriously even if it means missing out on barking at all of the leaves blowing across the yard that day.

For that reason, I have decided that this week’s edition of Friday Finds has gone to the dogs. I’ve included a few of my favorite handmade gifts for dogs and their people too! 

Our Favorite Handmade Gifts for Dogs

Gear for Your Best Friend

Customized Ceramic Dog Bowl 


An adorable option for a personalized gift for your best furry friend. Handmade with brown speckled white clay and featuring a wax resist technique name. Measures 2 inches high and is available in 5 or 7-inch diameter.

Mini Unicorn Headband for Dogs 


3 inch tall felt unicorn horn that is the perfect addition to small dogs. I mean, dogs are pretty perfect as it is but who doesn’t want a unidog? Available in a variety of sizes based on head circumference.

Custom Donut Squeaky Toy 


Dogs love donuts. Unfortunately, they usually can’t have them. These donuts are even better than people ones though…they squeak! 5.5″ diameter and around 1.5″ thickness. Made with vegan fleece.

Gear for Their People

Customized Dog Socks 


Quite possibly the most perfect socks ever! These socks feature an image of your dog’s face on each pair you order. Have multiple dogs? That just means more socks! (I have a serious addiction to random socks)

Dog Hair Adds Flair Button 


As a dog mom, it’s just a way of life for things to get a little hairy. We’ve entered the big shed season so I’ve embraced my new look of “knockoff wookie” with pride. Of course, having a snazzy button would match it wonderfully.

Pet Portrait Pendant Custom Necklaces 


These awesome little 1 inch handmade pendants are customized with your pet’s portrait. 24-inch necklace. Laser engraved wood cameo pendant.


Spring Doggie Dozen Mini Bones and Cannolis 


These handmade treats are a pup-approved all-natural blend of carob, peanut butter, and yogurt. Assortment includes 10 bones and 2 cannolis.

Homemade Cupcakes for Dogs 


You guys know I can’t pass up cupcakes. These awesome cupcakes are just for dogs and made of all-purpose flour, honey, canola oil, eggs, baking powder. A great birthday gift or just a sweet treat for a good boy. Comes with 4 mini cupcakes.

Medium WOOF Doughnut for Dogs 


I must really have doughnuts on the brain (hmm, maybe I do…) but neither of my girls would allow me to pass these up. How could you, though? They are so cute! Made of all-natural peanut butter, cheddar cheese, carob, and yogurt. Each doughnut measures 4″x4″

We Want to Meet Your Fur Babies!

Are you a dog mom? Or are you more of a cat’s servant? I’m a little bit of both with 2 dogs and 3 cats…and yeah, a fish that I find myself talking to more often than I would like to admit. ( Update: we added 2 guinea pigs to our zoo too!!) We are pretty big animal lovers around here. It has been so exciting around here lately as the toads, lizards, and all kinds of other wildlife have begun coming out for the spring.

Share your favorite stories of your fur babies in the comments below or post them on our social media! We always love to see heckin’ awesome doggo pics!

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In this week's Friday Finds we have our favorite handmade products for dogs and their people #handmadegifts #dogmom #dogtreats

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In this week's Friday Finds we have our favorite handmade products for dogs and their people #handmadegifts #dogmom #dogtreats

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