How to Make a Low Cost DIY Halloween Ghost Garland

ghosts made of yarn for a garland

I have been trying so hard to get into the spooky season this year. I’ve got a ton of awesome Halloween DIY projects planned out. I just can’t quite seem to get into the mood for it this year. I’m sure there will be another Halloween craft or two to come from our blog this year though lol. This week, I’ve got a fun and easy yarn garland craft to share with you guys. This low-cost Halloween ghost garland is a great project to put together if you find your self stuck in a flare when you’d rather be getting some seasonal decorating done. ( Ask me how I 

I have been a big fan of Holiday garland DIYs over the past year or so. They are a great way to add a little something to the large window in my living room without blocking the view too much. This easy yarn tassel garland is a great low-cost craft that can be adjusted to fit any space you are looking to decorate. Before I added my prayer flags to my mantle I was a fan of adding a garland there from time to time. I’m not sure I would put a yarn tassel garland over an active fireplace, though. 

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finished yarn tassel ghosts

Materials Needed to Make a Halloween Ghost Garland

1 ball white yarn 

1 medium-large hardback book ( depending on the size you want your ghosts to be) 


black acrylic paint 

1 small round sponge brush 

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yarn tassel garland supplies

Directions to Make a Halloween Ghost Garland

Ok, I know I JUST got done saying that you need a hardcover book to do this project. So what are you doing with an eyeshadow palette, you ask? It turns out that this book-shaped eyeshadow palette was exactly the size I wanted to use for my ghosts. Really, anything that’s rectangular can work well for this yarn garland project.  

The important thing to keep in mind is the height of the book ( from top to bottom of the cover). This will dictate how tall your ghosts are. 

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wrapping yarn around a book to make a ghost

To make the ghost you want to wrap the white yarn several times around the book. You can use your thumb to hold the yarn in place during your first few loops. After a while, the yarn will hold itself in place letting you hold the book better for faster yarn wrapping. You can make your ghosts as plump or petite as you want. Just remember that the size you see on the front of your book will double once you bring it together into a tassel. 

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Orochimaru helping with a ghost garland

I was lucky to have a helper with me who was more than happy to judge me if I made my ghosts look too plump. Orochimaru-sama (lovingly known as Old Man Ooch) has been my craft helper for more than 10 years now. He came back to the states with us from Okinawa and has been my trusty sidekick nearly every day since he was rescued and came to live with our family. 

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securing the ghost tassel parts

Once you have your ghosts to the size you would like them to be you can carefully remove your loops from the book. You want to hold them carefully near the top so that they don’t separate much. It’s helpful to have a precut length of yarn to use to tie around your loops of yarn. You also want to have a length of yarn to tie around the top of your loops to help hang it to make the garland.

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adding a loop to tie the tassel ghost to the garland

You want to find the spot on the length of your loops of yarn that you feel makes a proper size head for your ghost. For me, that was about one to two finger-widths down from the top of the loops of yarn. (or about 1-2 inches down)

When you have your loops securely tied together you can cut the bottom of the loops open to create the tassel that makes the bottom of the ghost. You can fluff them out and trim them up with scissors as you would with a pom-pom ball. 

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the proper size paint sponge to add eyes to the tassel ghost

Use your black acrylic paint and your small round sponge brush to create the eyes on the ghost. If you would like to add a mouth to your ghost you can go up one size in round sponge brushes. Of course, it’s best to wait about an hour between painting the eyes and the mouth of the ghost. 

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yarn ghosts with acrylic paint eyes

You can leave your ghosts as they are at this point or you can add your own embellishments such as a little witch hat, glitter, or festive ribbon bows. They’re your ghosts. Make them however you want them to look! I liked the basic ghost look so I kept mine as they are. I did go in and add a few felt spiders to my garland after I had it up for a few days. 

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finished yarn tassel ghosts

You can use any string or cord that you would like to make your garland. I tend to prefer a natural-looking cord for my garlands so I just used a simple twine string. If you want you can even use the same white yarn that you used to make your ghosts. Only you will know what type of string or cord will best match your decor and your personal decorating style. 

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