How to Make Eerily Delicious Bloodbath Halloween Brownies

How to Make Eerily Delicious Bloodbath Halloween Brownies

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The Halloween treats are in full force around here lately and of course, Halloween brownies just had to make it on the list. I mean, come on, spooky + baking = YASSSSS. I think I can easily say that all things spooky and all things baked make this the best time of the year. I have about three more bakes planned before the season is over for another year but I am not quite ready to say goodbye to Halloween baking just yet! 

I wanted to do a simple Halloween recipe this week because it has been a busy one for us. Between Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, psychotherapy, ABA, school, Girl Scouts, and all of our other commitments there just hasn’t been much time for baking. For this reason, I have been taking a slightly more semi-homemade approach to things as of late.

As much as I love making things from scratch to help control the quality and ingredients I think moms everywhere can agree that it’s always a good idea to get a helping hand in the kitchen when you can. I used a boxed brownie mix for this Halloween brownie recipe, but if you wanted you could even just buy a batch of store-bought brownies to decorate and skip the baking step entirely. There are tons of great brownie recipes out there if you choose to make your own though! 

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How to Make Spooky Bloodbath Halloween Brownies

There are really only a few steps to this recipe. I’m not joking when I say how simple this recipe is! I do suggest that you make the skulls ahead of time because they can be the most time-consuming part of the whole recipe. I made mine about a day or two ahead and stored them for use later. ( The only problem is that my kids found them and I ended up with about 10 fewer skulls than I had originally planned lol so make sure you hide them well if you have hungry little chocolate monsters around! ) 

I used a chocolate skull mold to make the skulls and white candy melts. One thing I would change is to use a chocolate brush to make sure that the white chocolate fills the little dips and crevices of the skull’s face when making them. I did not quite get the definition I wanted without doing this ( live and learn, right?) 

When making the chocolate ‘blood’ I used red candy melts. You can thin your candy melts by adding a little bit of vegetable oil to the mix. I wanted mine to have a blood drip quality to it so I added about 1 Tbsp of oil while smoothing the chocolate. You can gauge the consistency by adding a small amount of oil at a time. 

Eerily Delicious Bloodbath Halloween Brownies

Eerily Delicious Bloodbath Halloween Brownies

These simple Halloween brownies are a great eerie treat for parties!


  • 1 box brownie mix
  • 1/3 C vegetable oil ( plus about 1 T)
  • 1/4 C water
  • 1 egg
  • 1 bag white candy melts
  • 1 bag red candy melts


  1. Depending on the pan you choose to use preheat the oven to 325 or 350 degrees F. ( You brownie directions may vary, so be sure to follow your box directions or the recipe if making your own)
  2. Lightly grease and flour your pan to ensure that your brownies don't stick.
  3. Mix brownie mix, oil, water, and egg. Leave 1T of the oil aside to use for thinning your candy melts.
  4. Smooth brownie mix into pan. Your mix should be a little thick. Use the back of a wooden spoon or a spatula to smooth brownies into an even layer.
  5. Bake 27-30 minutes or follow brownie mix directions for baking. ( Again, always go with the recipe you have.)
  6. Let brownies cool in pan for about 5-10 minutes and remove to rack to cool.
  7. Melt white candy melts in 30 second intervals in the microwave (unless you decide to make skulls before hand) You can add a small amount of oil to the white melts to thin them if you find them difficult to pour into the mold. You can also use a chocolate decorating bottle to squeeze the candy melts into the pan and direct the flow a little easier. I do recommend using a small cake decorating or chocolate brush to ensure that the chocolate completely fills the skull's face before completely filling the molds. Let chocolate set about 20-30 minutes. (It goes a little faster when chilled.)
  8. Remove skulls from mold and set aside.
  9. Melt red candy melts using same method as used above for white candy melts. (You can also use a double boiler on the stovetop or a glass bowl over about 1 inch of water in a sauce pan.)
  10. Add about 1T vegetable oil to red candy melts to thin slightly. Using a spoon let red candy melts drip (like blood) over the tops of your brownies.
  11. Add a white chocolate skull to the center of each brownie top in the middle of your 'blood splatter'.
  12. Let set about 15-30 minutes before moving them too much.

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Stay Tuned for More Fall Baking!

There is no denying that my love for all things Halloween is real. I’m pretty spooky year round whether collecting skulls for my home or chasing the ghosts of history. However, when Halloween comes around I do go a little (more) crazy. I am so excited for fall baking, in general, this year though. There is just something about the spices and flavors of traditional fall food that I just can’t get enough of! We’ll have 1-2 more Halloween baked treats to share with you guys this year and then tons of awesome baked goods for Thanksgiving, and Christmas! 

What are you working on this fall? Are you excited that cooler weather is finally here? Having grown up in Ohio I was used to early cold fall months and snowy white winters. Now that we live in the South we don’t have as many months of cooler weather to enjoy so I try to make the most of it when we do get it. Naturally, that means lots of baking and yummy recipes! 

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This simple Halloween brownie recipe is a must have for your next Halloween party or any day! #halloweenrecipe #halloweenbaking #halloweensnack #halloweentreat #halloweenbrownie

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This simple Halloween brownie recipe is a must have for your next Halloween party or any day! #halloweenrecipe #halloweenbaking #halloweensnack #halloweentreat #halloweenbrownie



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