How to Grow Your Blog Even When You Don’t Feel Like Posting

grow your blog

Have you ever had one of those days where you just don’t feel like blogging but you know you still need work to grow your blog traffic? Sometimes you push yourself to get something, anything on the page. Sometimes it’s passable. Other times it’s pretty far from your standard. 

What about those days when you just can’t do it? ( Spoiler alert: We’ve ALL had those days so don’t beat yourself up about it!) Blogging is a full-time job and then some. For those who have been at it for a while, it can get tiring to constantly come up with fresh amazing content, take mountains of pictures, and edit edit edit to try to get more traffic to your blog. 

Lately, there has been so much going on in our little patch of mud here in Arkansas. My daughter’s mental health issues have really been putting her through the wringer. My Fibromyalgia has been absolutely brutal this summer putting me through a four-month flare. Needless to say, I have been a little less than inspired with all of the stress in our lives as of late.

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That’s life though, isn’t it? We all have times like that, whether we are bloggers or working a 9-5. The great thing about being a blogger though is that there are so many ways that you can grow your business and grow your blog even when you don’t feel like posting. 

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grow your blog

5 Quick Ways to Grow Your Blog

Even when you don’t feel like working on a new post there are so many ways you can continue to grow your blog and continue to get more blog traffic without creating new content. Whether you are growing your social media following or updating older posts you can still be productive even when you are feeling less than inspired. 

Upgrading Your SEO

A hiatus from posting is the perfect time to work on your blog’s SEO. When you aren’t creating new content you have plenty of time to go over older posts and improve the on-page SEO to help those posts rank better in search engines like Google. 

  • Keyword Research: One of the most important factors when it comes to bringing traffic to your blog is finding relevant keywords that will rank well. You want to find keywords that relate to your post, that your potential readers will search for, but that isn’t so competitive that you will have a hard time ranking for them. When coming up with keywords you want to use long-tail keywords rather than just one word. Try to think of the way that you would search for a topic. Instead of using the keyword “math” for a post on a printable you made think of a more specific long-tail keyword such as “free fifth-grade math worksheet”.This way you will get readers to your blog who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. As well, it will be a lot less competitive to rank for exactly what you are offering than it would be for math, which includes several subtopics all trying to rank for the same word. One of my favorite tools for coming up with awesome long-tail keywords to help drive traffic to my blog is the Ubersuggest tool from Neil Patel. It not only gives you a ton of relevant keywords for your topic but also gives you suggestions you might not have thought of on your own.
  • Optimize Your Page Speed: Did you know that your page speed is an important factor in your SEO score? In fact, page speed is one of the top factors that search engines like Google look at when deciding whether to show your page to someone who searches one of your keywords. Now, this mostly applies to mobile pages but the fact is that a majority of your users are accessing your site on mobile. (So it’s a good idea to optimize your page for mobile ASAP if you haven’t already done so.)One good way to check on your page’s optimization is through a plugin called Hummingbird. This plugin will do a scan of your site and give your optimization recommendations to help speed up your site speed and improve the user experience for your readers. One of the most important issues I have found when using Hummingbird is the size of the images I use. Unfortunately, I had a ton of images that were just way to big and were slowing my site’s load time down considerably. The WP Smush plugin is a great option for quickly compressing those images to help your site load faster. Once you have your images down to a good size you can go a step further with the Lazy Load plugin to speed things up even more.
  • Upping Your Domain Authority: Your domain authority is another important factor when it comes to your growing your blog traffic through SEO. If you haven’t already, you can check your current domain authority with the Link Explorer Tool from Moz. While this is considered more of an off-page SEO tactic, growing your number of high-quality inbound links can add to your domain authority and ultimately your SEO ranking which will help get more traffic to your blog. 

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grow your blog

Mastering Your Pinterest Game

Pinterest is a well-known method for growing your blog. Many bloggers have found success in growing their traffic and influence through the tactical use of Pinterest. Even when you don’t feel like posting you can continue to grow your blog by mastering your skills of pinning on Pinterest, having a well-maintained profile, and other techniques that bloggers use for success. 

  • Adding Keywords to Your Descriptions: Are you utilizing the descriptions of your boards, and even the description of yourself in your bio, to their fullest capacity? If you haven’t taken the time to research keywords to add to them the answer is no!Just like your website itself relies on keywords in relevant searches to help get traffic to your blog your Pinterest pins and your profile itself needs keywords (and hashtags!) to be found as much as possible. With recent upgrades to their service, it is more important than ever to maximize your chances of being found (and shared) on Pinterest. Not sure what keywords or hashtags you should be using? Head to your profile and type in what you think people would search to find your pin. You can use your blog post hashtags here, or go with trending topics on Pinterest to give you a few ideas. The great thing about Pinterest is that it has an autofill feature in the search bar that will give you suggestions for things that are popular related to your topic. Let’s look at our example from earlier on the math worksheets. When we put that into the Pinterest search bar we get a variety of topic ideas to choose from. You get even more if you just put in “math”. These are your keywords! ( and your potential hashtags). You can play around with the wording a bit to see if you can come up with something more relevant to your topic (division worksheets for homeschoolers, addition worksheets for elementary school, etc).grow your blog
  • Updating Pin Images and Pinning to the Right Board: Do you have pins that just aren’t doing much for you? A hiatus from creating content can be a great time to give old posts another go with a fresh image and a little boost juice from going to the right board. How many of you guys followed the gurus who said we had to pin all of our pins to our blog board first and then go out from there? ( Hands up, come on… SO MANY of us followed that advice! I was guilty too.)It turns out that this isn’t the way to do it at all! You see, according to a recent interview between Tailwind and Pinterest the shocking news came out that we should be pinning to a relevant board first, and then to our blog board from there. All of those pins that were going straight to our blog board weren’t getting that extra boost of search relevancy that they get from the board descriptions when pinned to topic related boards. Allll of that information from not only the pin but also the original board pinned to gets carried with your pin and helps the search engine (yes, Pinterest is a visual search engine!) pick up the vibes that say “Yes! This is the pin you want!” when someone searches a topic related to your pin.

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grow your blog

Grow Your Blogging Knowledge

Is there a topic that you haven’t quite mastered when it comes to blogging or learning how to boost your blog? Perhaps you have no idea how to market yourself or your photography skills aren’t quite where you want them to be. A break from creating content can be the opportunity you need to take a course or read a book to grow your blogging skills and knowledge. 

  • Grow Your Photography Skills: There is a wide variety of resources available when it comes to growing your skills as a photographer. You can learn from blogs or forums, take a course on photography, or even just study the work of others you like in a Facebook group for bloggers and photographers. For a more hands-on approach and an excellent chance to meet others who share your interests, you can consider taking a photography course or joining a club in your local area.
  • Grow Your Blogging Skills: It can sometimes feel as though the skills needed to be a blogger are neverending. It can be hard to keep up with everything you need to know (as opposed to everything someone tells you is need to know so they can sell you something).A great way to get a handle on the basics to the more advanced topics is to invest in a course. There are several out there but a few have proven time and again to be worth every penny. Although it is only open for a short amount of time if you can get onto the waiting list for Elite Blog Academy you are well on your way to learning everything you need to know to be a professional blogger. Several other blogging courses of merit can be found on Udemy as well. These courses tend to be a little more cost-effective for those just starting out, and from my experience have been very helpful! Want the most bang for your buck? The Ultimate Bundles Genius Bloggers Toolkit comes packed to the gills with courses, e-books, and more to help you learn to be the best blogger you can be. It’s only available about twice a year ( It’s coming back in October!) but it is a MUST GRAB if you are looking to grow your skills as a blogger. Pro Tip: You can sign up to be an affiliate with Ultimate Bundles and share it on your page to earn money for each sale through your site too!  ( and even earn yourself a free copy if you meet the sales requirements!)

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grow your blog

Master Your Skills in Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that some of the most profitable affiliate marketing pros make all of their income without ever writing a single blog post? Some make use of Facebook to market their affiliate products. Many use Pinterest as their main source of income when it comes to affiliate marketing. Time away from creating content can be an awesome excuse to delve into the sometimes overwhelming world of affiliate marketing. 

  • Joining the Right Programs: How many of you guys are guilty of joining every affiliate marketing program that will take you? I know I got a little click-happy when I started with affiliate marketing. Every time I saw something interesting and had the “ooh that might be fun to sell” impulse I clicked that join button. Unfortunately, that is one of the worst things you can do when it comes up in creating an effective sales plan. Not only can the sheer number of programs you amass be overwhelming, but the random links for this or that can confuse your readers or make you seem inauthentic in your sales efforts. When joining affiliate marketing programs it is important to choose those that complement the topics of your blog. For example, as a homeschool blog, it isn’t really in my best interest to join a travel program. (Although they work well on my paranormal travel site!) A fashion brand may work as I am a mom blogger but it is important that I make sure that their style and message resonate well with my own in order to maximize the interest to my readers and ultimately my income.
  • Maximize Your Pinterest Strategy: Affiliate marketing is the prime time to put those Pinterest keywords we talked about a little earlier to work. By creating relevant boards and strategically placing your affiliate links as Pinterest pins you can earn without ever posting on your blog. There are a number of books on affiliate marketing through Pinterest but one of the best I have found is the House of Brazen e-book on Pinterest Marketing Strategy. Through these techniques, they show you how to make your first affiliate sale in just 24 hours. It has definitely been one of the most useful books I’ve read when it comes to earning through Pinterest.

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grow your blog

Beautify Your Blog

A few months ago I read a study that discussed the importance of first impressions when it comes to your blog. Even if you have the most amazing articles to ever grace the internet chances are your readers will never read them if you aren’t presenting yourself with high-quality images and a stylish theme. 

  • Upgrading Your Theme: If you are still using one of the many free WordPress themes available it may be a good time to look into upgrading to a professional theme. Not only will a more professional theme add to the look of your site but many go further to help with page speed, organization, and more. When choosing a theme you want to be sure to take the time to find one that matches your personal brand. It is also important to choose one that you have the technical abilities to configure properly. Some WordPress themes require the Genesis framework by Studio Press and will not work unless you make this additional purchase. Therefore, it is important to read the documentation on the theme that catches your eye to be sure it is one that will work on your blog.
  • Upgrading Your Posts: Have you taken the time to go through your past posts to find ways that you could improve them? Often when I find myself on a hiatus due to life just being out of control I make a point to go through past posts and work on new images, better editing, and even adding a printable or affiliate link that may work for the post. Even though we may think our posts are as good as they can be when we hit that Publish button there are often things that we can do to enhance older posts when we come back later with fresh eyes. Perhaps you have learned a new skill since you posted something, or perhaps information has changed on a tutorial or blogging topic. There are always ways that you can go back and enhance both the look of your posts and the words within them.

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Simple steps to grow your blog when you don't feel like posting. #blggingtips #bloggingresources #howtoincreasetraffic #howtogrowblogsocial post

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Simple steps to grow your blog when you don't feel like posting. #blggingtips #bloggingresources #howtoincreasetraffic #howtogrowblog


Simple steps to grow your blog when you don't feel like posting. #blggingtips #bloggingresources #howtoincreasetraffic #howtogrowblog
Simple steps to grow your blog when you don't feel like posting. #bloggingtips #bloggingresources #howtoincreasetraffic #howtogrowblog


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