The Friday Five: Patchouli, Cats, and Comedy

The Friday Five: Patchouli, Cats, and Comedy
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Today we are starting a new series that we will be doing every Friday here on Ghastly Girl. Most of the time I try to make the posts informative. On Fridays, I want to have a little more fun.
For our Friday event, we will be doing the Friday Five. This will be a list of five things that made me happy or piqued my interest throughout the week. It could be anything from products to news stories or even an idea that crosses my mind. The sky is the limit on Friday, and as it should be as a way to welcome the weekend on a fun note!
Without further ado let’s get into our first of the Friday Five!

Kitty Kix Stix

We received one of the Kitty Kix Stix to review on our Instagram this week, and we loved it so much I want to talk about it here too! Cats are a pretty big deal around our house. Making them happy is definitely something that makes me happy.
Happy is putting it lightly though when it comes to how well received this new cat toy was received in our house! From the minute it came out of the package our boys were hooked! The 15” toy is the perfect size for kicking, loving, and even fetching. Every single day since we brought it into the house it has been batted and carried around by at least one of our boys.
I recommend checking this one out for yourself if you have a cat in the house that you love to spoil. Each toy is handmade by cat lovers! You can check the company out and grab your own at

Patchouli Oil

I am not a big essential oil person. I use them to make my house fresh but that’s about it. They work much better than candles in a house full of pets.
I’m not sold on the idea of using them to cure anything or in place of traditional medicine. Aromatherapy definitely has its place. I just can’t buy into unproven claims that oils are better to use than tried and tested medicine. No, I was not paid by the CDC to say that. and no, I definitely don’t think less of anyone who chooses to follow that path! It just isn’t for me. 
I have begun to stray away from my traditional blood orange oil and try new ones in my living room. I find they help me relax while I write or work on other things. One that has stuck out is Patchouli oil. Although it was traditionally used to mask the smell of dead bodies I have always found patchouli oil relaxing.
Nowadays, it reminds me of faraway days when I lived in the small hippy village of Yellow Springs, Ohio and spent my summers barefoot in the woods or playing in the warm rain. It’s a time I long for with carefree days and my whole life ahead of me now that things have become far more complicated.


In my other life as a paranormal historian, I used genealogy frequently. When I am researching a ghost story or urban legend I like to go through the histories of those involved. I like to pick up any information I can that can help to solve a case of the paranormal.
I was fascinated to learn on NPR that genealogy sites had been used to help find the Golden State Killer. I had never imagined that it could be used in this way. I find it so interesting that this was used to solve something that had been a mystery for so long.
I had a chance to use 23 and Me to have a DNA test done as part of a bipolar disorder study that was being done. I didn’t learn any information on my dad as I had hoped I would but I did learn quite a bit of medical information that has been helpful. I have also found a plethora of cousins and even a potential half-brother through my “DNA family”. I also found out that I have more Neanderthal DNA than 76% of the individuals who have used 23 and Me. (which I found quite interesting!) 


I am a huge fan of MST3K. Tom Servo is my spirit animal. I went through the archives and watched every episode over a few months last year. Once I had finished I thought I had seen all that there was to see. That was until I found RiffTrax. The same guys who do the voices on MST3K riff on newer movies (and a few old ones like in MST3K). I swear they found even worse movies for this one!
I recently found RiffTrax on Pluto TV and have been watching it nonstop. It is definitely my go to when I decide to watch something.
You can find videos and awesome swag at, and I definitely suggest checking them out if you haven’t yet. Especially if you’re an MST3K fan.

Winky Lux

I received Winky Lux holographic highlighter in Charm as part of my March Ipsy bag. I cannot say enough how obsessed with this stuff I am! I feel like a unicorn with the twinkling highlight I get from this powder. Unlike others that have more of a golden tone, this one has a silvery moonlight tone. It goes so much better with my personal makeup style. Even after almost daily use, the compact I received is still going strong. I definitely will be buying more of this when it runs out though. I don’t know what I would do without it now!
If you prefer cooler shades I highly suggest checking out this highlighter. It is a MUST HAVE in my book.
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It's Friday and we are talking happy cats, happy moms, and happy faces! Check out our five favorites this week! #makeupideas #catmom #cattoys

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