Friday Finds : Motivational Items for the New Year

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I don’t know about you guys but 2017 has left me in desperate need of some serious motivation. Those New Years resolutions are getting smashed this year. I have come to a point with my depression that I need goals and ways to achieve them to bring myself back up from the places 2017 found me.

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Get Shit Done Note Pad

I am such a notepad addict. I have about 487 of them lying around my house to deal with memory loss I have as a side effect of autoimmune disease. I seriously think I would forget half of my day if I didn’t write it down. Of course, it always helps when your notepads are so cool you don’t mind looking at them all the time.

motivational gifts
Oh For Fox Sake Water Bottle

Remembering to drink your water is a lot easier when you have a cute new water bottle to remind you! This awesome and sturdy bottle has reminders throughout the day right on it to help you drink your daily water.

motivational gifts

Don’t Look Back Wall Decor

Get serious with your goals in 2018 by adding a few inspirational wall hangings for your home. I love having things like this in my daughter’s room, my bathroom, and other areas where a little extra pick me up may be needed by anyone in the home.

motivational gifts

Stronger Than Yesterday Fitness Bracelet

We all need a little reminder of how far we’ve come from time to time. This simple yet adorable bracelet serves as a daily reminder to keep pushing whether with our fitness, mental health, or other goals.

motivational gifts

Fight Like a Spoonie Wish Bracelet

My fellow spoonies are some of the strongest people I know. Whether fighting medical issues or chronic pain these girls ( and guys ) can really tough it out with the best of them. Unfortunately, we are often one of the first groups to forget just how strong we are. This small bracelet is a fantastic reminder of your strength during a bad day.

motivational gifts
Dopamine Molecule Ring

For those of us living with mental illness, this Dopamine molecule ring is an awesome reminder that even though we may be made up a little differently we are too strong to let a disorder define us.

Share Your Favorite Motivational Finds

Do you have a favorite motivational item for 2018? Share your ideas in the comments below! We love the inspiration we get from you guys and enjoy reading your ideas!

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Here’s to a Great New Year in 2018! I hope you all have the best year ever this year!

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In our first #FridayFinds of 2018 we are looking at awesome motivational items to help you set goals for the New Year and smash them all.

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In our first #FridayFinds of 2018 we are looking at awesome motivational items to help you set goals for the New Year and smash them all.
In our first #FridayFinds for 2018 we are looking at Motivational items to help set your goals for the New Year and smash them all.

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