3 Free Printable Valentines Day Worksheets for Early Elementary Ages

3 Free Printable Valentines Day Worksheets for Early Elementary Ages

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Oh My Gosh, It’s Almost Valentines Day!

Can you believe it’s almost February already? It seems like this year is going to fly by as fast as 2016 did. February is always a fun month though because that means we get to celebrate Valentines Day! (and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with some fun free printable Valentines Day worksheets?) In addition to another excuse to eat candy and sweets, we get some awesome crafts out of this holiday and some really fun learning opportunities.

There are so many fun things you can do as a homeschool family for Valentines Day. In light of that, I will be releasing a number of free printable worksheets as we get closer to the holiday. In the meantime, I wanted to put a few up that I made for younger kids since they get excited a little sooner than the older ones do. (Does anything excite the older ones other than Markiplier or Minecraft these days?)

These free printable Valentines Day worksheets include math skills, handwriting, and language for elementary age students. As usual with our homeschool kids, these worksheets can be used for a variety of grades depending on the individual child’s skill level.

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free valentines day worksheets

Printables For Early Elementary Ages

These printables are for the early elementary ages. You can print them as many times as you would like for personal use. However, they are copyrighted to Ghastly Girl and are not to be sold or distributed under any other name.

I am always open to suggestions including worksheets or other printables that you would like so please don’t hesitate to make any requests in the comments or drop me an email.

These worksheets are in PDF format and should print with no problems. Nevertheless, should you run into any issues you are welcome to contact me!

Included in this set are three printables

Valentines Day Word Scramble 

A simple word scramble featuring Valentines Day themed words for elementary aged children.

free printable valentines day worksheets


How Many Hearts Math Worksheet 

  A matching game for young learners to match each group of hearts with the correct number.

free printable valentines day worksheets


Valentines Writing Practice

writing practice of Valentines Day related words.

free printable valentines day worksheets


You can find more homeschool resources in our Homeschool Mamas tab including our Oobleck activity, our Charlotte’s Web Reading Comprehension activity, and much more.

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Download three free printable PDF worksheets for early elementary ages with Valentine's Day theme. #printableworksheets #elementaryschool #homeschoolresources

Free printable worksheets for Valentines Day! These three free printable worksheets are for early elementary age homeschool children. #homeschoolresources #printableworksheet #homeschool #elementary

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