Get Excited for Reading this Summer with our Free Worksheet Set

free printable summer reading worksheets

Can you believe that summer is here already? For many homeschool families, the fun of education goes throughout the year. For others, a little time off is needed. In our house, we have one in public school and one staying at home for school. Due to this, we like to take a short break to get everyone adjusted to the new summer schedule. After that, however, it’s right back to the learning.

We plan on doing three-month-long units over the summer. I let both of the nerdlets decide what we topics we would be working on. Although we’re still making up the schedule (in between trips to the water park and local festivals) we are pretty much set on space, volcanoes, and geology.

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I’m pretty ok with that since I love all of those topics! We were going to do dinosaurs but decided volcanoes would be a good topic with the one currently doing so much damage in Hawaii. Of course, it wouldn’t be too hard to work a little dinosaur fun into a volcano lesson either. 

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summer reading worksheets

Finding a Summer Reading Program

Along with our summer lessons we are going to be reading for 30 minutes each night. We joined the summer reading program at our local library and already have our first set of books underway. Nerdlet 2 was excited to find a guinea pig book since he got a new pet guinea pig on the last day of school. Nerdlet 1 is making her way through the Harry Potter series for, I do believe, the 23rd time. (Kidding, kind of.) Most libraries offer a reading program of some kind with prizes and other incentives for children. You can also find programs at many bookstores and even one through Scholastic

I wanted to go a little further than what our local library was offering and really work on reading comprehension and parts of speech a little. So, I made up a few worksheets that we will be making copies of and adding to a small binder for them to work on throughout the year. I think they will enjoy that it won’t be daily work but rather just a little something extra when they reach the end of each book they read this summer. 

As I notice gaps in their language and reading comprehension I will be creating new worksheets and (of course!) sharing them here! I plan on adding a few main idea passages and other language and reading worksheets very soon so be sure to keep an eye out for those! I want to do at least one classic book together per month. We will be doing reading study questions for each of those. We will also be sharing those books on our YouTube channel so you can read along with us! 

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free printable summer reading worksheets

Printable Summer Reading Worksheet Set

We have three free printable PFD reading worksheets to make up this set. However, you can print off as many as you need to make the perfect binder for your little nerdlets. I find it better to print as they go so that they don’t feel like they have to fill up a certain amount of pages and can really enjoy just reading. 

Summer Reading Log Worksheet 

The first worksheet is a reading log where your homeschool (or away from home school) students can count their books read or count how many pages they have read all summer by tallying up the numbers when they are all finished. This worksheet really helps them to feel a sense of accomplishment as they see the books and pages begin to add up over the next few months! 

Summer Reading Report 

The second worksheet focuses on creating a summary of the book and focusing on the parts of the book they enjoyed. At the bottom of the worksheet, they can score the book. This not only helps the student objectively think of the book as a whole but will help you in guiding them toward books they would enjoy. 

Summer Reading Worksheet 

In the final worksheet, the young reader is asked to pick four sentences from the book. In each sentence, they have to identify one simple part of speech such as nouns, verbs, and more. We will be adding to these for older students in the coming weeks and expanding on the language side of summer reading in upcoming worksheets. 

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free printable reading comprehension worksheets

What Books Are You Reading This Summer?

Of course, summer reading doesn’t have to be just for the kids! Many of us secular homeschool moms are avid readers ourselves. I have quite a kindle full of books waiting for me to read this summer. I’ve been really interested in Celtic mythology and the power of positivity lately. There are so many good books available on both topics! 

Leave us a comment and share the books you are looking forward to reading this summer! We would love to know what your interests are (and maybe even add a few to our reading list!) 

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