Fidget Toys : Product Review of Senqiao Fidget Toys

Fidget Toys : Product Review of Senqiao Fidget Toys

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The Fidget Toys Craze

There is no denying that fidget toys have absolutely taken over when it comes to kids. The original idea was that they were fantastic for helping to increase focus for kids with ADHD, ASD, and other conditions that can cause distractable behaviors. However, both neurotypical and special needs kids have taken to them like crazy.

Some have stated that the toys are a bad idea. They feel they are more of a distraction or that they aren’t serving their original purpose but rather are just the latest “shiny object”.

Others believe the toys are fantastic and that they have indeed helped to increase focus in kids by giving them something to do while they study or listen to a lecture in class.

So where does the truth lie? Are they just another trendy toy or do they serve a true purpose?

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The Opinion of a Special Needs Mom

As a mother of both a neurotypical child and a child on the spectrum, I can see both groups of children finding a use for them. Not only do children who have disorders such as ADHD or Autism have a tendency to fidget or have issues with focus in school, but almost every child has moments of inattentiveness. It’s just kids being kids.

Is giving them something to do while they listen that bad? Honestly, I say absolutely not. Without devices like this my daughter on the spectrum would be all over the place and unable to focus. However, with them, she has something to do while she finishes math problems or reads a chosen article for the day. My son, who is neurotypical, has no real need for them. However, I still find them increasing his focus rather than distracting him. I note longer times reading, and less getting up for this or that.

Of course, there will be kids that will be distracted. There will be kids that use them wrong such as reports of them being thrown at teachers or shared with others during class time. Again, I can’t help but feel that this is just kids being kids.(Except for throwing things at teachers, what the heck lol)  There are always going to be kids who don’t follow suit. I see no reason to use them for a blanket statement or overgeneralization when there are plenty of other kids finding fantastic uses for them.

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Our Review

We received Senqiao’s Fidget Toys from Amazon for an honest review as a  homeschool mom. Granted, mine isn’t sitting in a traditional classroom. However, focus is still an issue for us. (especially with a house full of kittens right now!)


Honestly, I prefer this style to the spinning ninja star ones (yeah, not the proper name but that’s what I call them lol) Not only are they quieter but they are easier to hold onto with one hand.

They give more of a tactile sensation as well when manipulated. For me, this is much more of a benefit when it comes to fidgeting. In fact, I didn’t even realize it until later but I spent quite a while after the review video carrying the toy around and fidgeting with it.

I love the colors of this package, but of course, that’s just a personal preference. Anything brightly colored wins bonus points for me.

I also found this version to be a little more durable than the others we’ve tried. The simple construction actually lends well to it holding together better when dropped or used frequently.

Senqiao Fidget Toys


My only true concern is that if broken open the marble inside could become a choking hazard. However, the stretchy material that they are made of makes this quite unlikely. It took a lot for us to even cut through it which means that it would be a lot harder for a kid to break through it.


For me, this type of fidget toy seems to be a little better than the other kinds I’ve seen. They are quieter so they would cause less of a distraction for those who are going to traditional school. They are constructed well and don’t have as many pieces as other kinds that can break off when dropped. I also personally feel like this type is just more relaxing and gives a better tactile experience than the others we’ve seen.

Overall I’d say that these are a definite win for our book. I just wouldn’t really recommend them with small children unless well supervised….just because I’m a worrier like that.

I hope you’ve found this review helpful. If you pick them up let us know what you think and how they work out in your family! I always love hearing from you guys and getting ideas from all of the awesome things you are doing as well!

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