How to Make Simple and Fun Fall Pom Pom Coasters

Fall crafting is a great way to keep kids of any age busy. Especially while your house is busy with the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving. I love having a fun craft idea available any time I have more than the usual amount of kids over at our house. (Heck, even it’s the two nerdlings and I…who can say no to a fun DIY project?) These simple DIY fall pom pom coasters are so quick and easy to make you can have them ready to go in no time. As an added bonus they cost less than $5 for a set of four to make. 

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pom pom coasters

DIY Felt Ball (Pom Pom) Coasters

The best part of this craft is that you can make it with things you already have around your house. You can always find some cardboard laying around somewhere. If you are like me you already have some glue sticks ready to go as well. The only thing I actually purchased for this craft is the pom poms. Even those I found at our local dollar store and they were on sale! 
This is a great craft for kids to do. If you are using a glue gun you will need a little adult supervision and help with gluing. Of course, this depends on the age and ability level of your children. You can also use regular Elmer’s glue if you would prefer this to be a kids-only craft. 

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pom pom coasters

Items Needed:

cardboard ( I used the lid of a box, but any sturdy cardboard you have around will work just fine) 

round cookie cutter or biscuit cutter



hot glue gun and glue sticks 

black paint (or any color of your choice) 


assorted pom poms

pom pom coasters

How to Make DIY Pom Pom Coasters

Use the round cookie cutter as a template for your coasters. Draw your outline using the pencil. You can erase it later if you want. I just left it on since I was painting over it anyway. Use the scissors to cut your circles out of the cardboard. You can stack them and trim any uneven edges as well. I did stacks of two at a time to try to keep a uniform shape and size to my set of coasters. 

pom pom coasters

Paint your cardboard coasters the color you chose. I did two coats on each side of the cardboard. You can add washi tape or even fabric to the bottom of the coasters if you prefer. They do have slightly unfinished edges but that didn’t bother me. I painted the edges and left them as is. Let the coasters dry for at least an hour before going on to the next step. 

pom pom coasters

Warm up the hot glue gun and arrange your pom poms in the order that you would like them to be. It works best if you only do a small section of glue and add the pom poms to that area before moving on. This way you can get a good stick with the glue and you can better plan out your coasters as you go. Let the coasters set for about 30 minutes and they should be good to go! 

pom pom coasters

I decided to go with two separate types of coasters for this craft. I made one using the small pom poms on the outer edge of the cardboard circles. In the second version, I used medium-sized pom poms to cover the entire cardboard circle.  For kids with lower dexterity, the medium size pom poms are a little easier to hold on to. For older kids, the small pom poms can make a fun accent. If they want, they can even paint or draw a fun turkey, leaf, or other design in the center of the small pom poms. 

Since they are made of cardboard these aren’t the sturdiest coasters. They are so much fun for kids to make and use on Thanksgiving day, or any other fall party though. If you want to make them last a little longer you can add a coat of waterproof glaze to the cardboard circles. 

If you enjoyed this craft be sure to share it with friends who are having kids over for Thanksgiving this year so they can make their own personalized pom pom coasters! 

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