10 Nature Themed Fall Crafts for Kids to Try This Year

10 Nature Themed Fall Crafts for Kids to Try This Year

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Fall is Almost Here

I have to say that fall is my favorite season. Maybe it is because I was born in November, or just because I prefer cooler weather ( especially since moving to the south..omg ).

There is just something about crisp breezes, crunchy leaves on the ground, and the smell of pumpkins and apples everywhere you go.

Once the school season kicks back in it always seems to signal a return of fall for me. Before you know it the football games will begin and Halloween will be right around the corner. ( Unless you are like me and already have a Halloween countdown going! )

For our family fall crafts tend to be the most popular, and they are definitely my most loved crafts. Sure, the bunnies, flowers, and newness of spring crafting are great but there is just something about the colors and feel of fall crafts that I just can’t get enough of.

Our Favorite Crafts for Kids This Fall

  1. Melted Crayon Leaves from Fireflies and Mudpies
    fall crafts for kids
  2. Maple Tree Leaf Globe from Premeditated Leftovers
    fall crafts for kids
  3. Pinecone Owls from Meaningful Mama
    fall crafts for kids
  4. DIY Acorn Marble Necklaces by Rhythms of Play
    fall crafts for kids
  5. Salt Dough Leaves by The Life of Jennifer Dawn
    fall crafts for kids
  6. Fall Luminary by Cleverly Simple
    fall crafts for kids
  7. Nature Crown by Mother Natured
    fall crafts for kids
  8. Maple Leaf Dragonflies from Dishfunctional Designs
    fall crafts for kids
  9. Air Dried Clay Leaves from Craft Invaders
    fall crafts for kids

Your Favorite Fall Crafts for Kids

Does your family have a craft that you enjoy doing in the fall? Are you looking to try a new one soon? We would love to hear your favorite fall crafts or ones that you have attempted already this year ( or plan to!) Leave us a comment and let us know your crafting adventures or share your projects with our readers!

Not quite fall yet? Check out our super easy and fun Easter egg craft for spring!

Happy Crafting!

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Our favorite fall crafts for kids for 2017 fromGhastlyGirl.com

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