DIY Upcycled Treat Jars for Dogs, Cats, or Kids

upcycled pet treat jars

There are two main themes that make up the whole of my decorating style. I love unique pieces with fun bright colors. Absolute bonus points if I can find a way to reuse something old or to bring new life to a second-hand piece. This project checks all of those boxes and is a versatile frugal piece that can fit into any theme. These DIY upcycled treat jars reuse glass food jars and a few other items that you most likely have around the house already, bringing the cost of this project to well under $5.00 in most cases. 

Of course, if you don’t have any fur babies you can add whatever you want to the top and use them as a candy jar, coffee container, or other holders. I am still on the lookout for a plastic guinea pig figurine so that I can add a third jar for guinea pig treats. 

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You can use any paint colors that go well with the decor you already have going on in your home. Any acrylic paints will work well. You can use spray paint if you prefer to go that route. ( Just be sure to do that outside) I will say that glossy paints tend to look a little better with the glass jars than the matte ones. 

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upcycled treat jars

How to Make a DIY Upcycled Treat Jars

There are a variety of different jars available that you can use for your upcycled treat jars. Pasta sauce jars would be a great option. If you want a smaller jar you can use an olive jar. ( Of course, adjust your figurine size to fit.) If you aren’t into the upcycling idea you can easily purchase a metal topped jar with a glass bottom at your local IKEA, Micheals, or Hobby Lobby , or even Amazon

upcycled treat jars

Items Needed: 

1-4 glass jars with metal lids (washed, rinsed, and dried. Labels removed) 

1-4 paint colors ( depending on number of jars used, or colors desired) 

1-4 plastic toy animals ( size should vary based on the size of your jar lid) 

hot glue gun and clear drying sticks 

upcycled treat jars


Make sure that the jars you use are completely clean and dry. Any moisture left on the jar can cause issues while you are painting. If you are using a jar that was used for a liquid like pasta sauce be sure to check the inside of the metal lid. Many of these jars will have a white plastic bottom. This can trap food and germs so be sure to clean it very well or remove. 

Remove the metal lids from your jars and set the glass jar aside. Decide which animals you want to match up to your jar lids and make a mental note. You will want to paint each animal the same color as your lid. Of course, if you prefer you can invert the colors and paint the lids one color but the animals the opposite. I preferred them matching though so went that way. 

I found that my orange cat took a few more coats of paint than the blue dog. Both animals I used began as darker colors so I made sure to do enough layers of paint to compensate for that as well. You can gauge based off of the colors you choose and your animals/lids how many coats of paint you want to use. Be sure to let your paint dry 30 minutes to an hour between coats. 

When you are happy with the color of your animals and lids you can attach each animal to their new home. I used clear hot glue to attach my animals. You can use e6000 or even super glue if that is what you have on hand. 

Allow the glue to set completely (up to 30 minutes), add your pet’s favorite treats, and reattach the lid to your jar. I was originally going to add a fabric knot loop around each of my jars but it turned out a little bulkier than I was hoping for. If there are any embellishments you want to add then go for it! Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what changes you made. I love seeing the projects you guys are doing too! 

upcycled treat jars

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