DIY Upcycled Book Page Hair Bow Craft ( Great for Cosplays!)

book page craft

I have been absolutely hooked on making things with aged book pages. There is something so comforting in worn old book pages. They always add a fun, steampunk flair to any craft idea I may have. I have even been able to incorporate book pages in some of my favorite Halloween crafts as wings, flowers, and much more! Learning how to make book page crafts can add a fun visual layer to just about any genre or style. 

The final product in this book page craft is a great addition to a cosplay, Halloween costume, or even your everyday attire! You will want to use a sealant on your hair bows if you plan to use them for an extended period of time or if you are going to be at an outdoor event. Naturally, as they are made of paper things such as sweating, hair products, and even the weather can cause damage to them. 

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book page craft

Items Needed to Make DIY Book Page Hair Bows

This is my favorite kind of project to do because nearly all of the items you will need are most likely already sitting around your house somewhere. If they aren’t you can easily pick them up on Amazon or even at your local thrift store for just a few dollars. 

PROTIP: Do you find tons of bits and pieces while you are cleaning and decluttering (buttons, stickers, fabric scraps, rocks, or cool strings)? Pick up a few storage containers and start storing like items together. You will be amazed at how many times you will go to those containers for inspiration or decorations if you do upcycled crafts frequently! 

You can alter this project to fit the items you DO have on hand if you find yourself missing something. Don’t have any metal cogs but you have buttons? Awesome, add those! Maybe you have computer parts laying around that you think could add a fun touch. Be sure to show me because I want to see that too!

The awesome thing about upcycling and DIY crafting is that just about every project will turn out 100 times better if you make it your own in some way. 

Items List for this Project

2 -4 alligator hair clips  (it’s much cheaper to buy these in bulk) 

10-15 pages from an aged book. You can age your pages with a tea stain if you prefer. We discussed this in an earlier post here

2-3 embellishments per hairbow. You can use anything you want here. I used steampunk and antique style elements that were originally created for scrapbooking

Hot glue or a craft adhesive 

Spray craft sealant (if using) 

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book page craft

How to Make a DIY Upcycled Book Page Hair Bow

We are using a standard paperback book size page for this project. I picked the book I am using up for a mere 50 cents at a local thrift store and have used it for several projects. I still have at least half of the book left too! Used books are a great way to keep the cost per page down. However, if you have a specific text or language that you would prefer to use you can always print your own pages and use tea to age them. 

For my book size, I cut each of my pages in half. I then cut each of those halves into half again. This quartered my book page and gives me a good size piece of paper to work with for my hair clips. 

book page crafts

To create the ruffle pattern that lines each of the hair bows I folded each of my squares of paper around the end of a marker to make a flower. You can use a variety of marker sizes or even wooden dowels to get the size of flower you want to use. Larger ones will create a looser ruffle when glued to the clip. Smaller ones naturally make a tighter ruffle. 

Add a dot of glue to the bottom of your flower. The end of your dowel or marker should give you a good flat circle to add your glue to. Then carefully slide the flower off of your mold and on your hair clip. Hold for about 10 seconds before going on to the next one. 

As you add your book page flowers to your hairbow you want to squeeze them tightly together to create your ruffle pattern. I found that it helps to hold up the edges of the piece already glued before adding your next one. This will help you get in tighter and will form the ruffles better for you. 

Once you have enough book page flowers on your hair bow for the ruffle pattern to go the length of the clip you can set it down to set completely. At this point, you trim the pages to help give your ruffle a more even outline if you would like. ( Just be sure to not trim too much!) I did trim mine slightly, but for the most part, let the ruffle form itself and left it as it was. 

book page crafts

When your ruffle is as you want it you can glue your embellishments onto your hair bow. You want to be careful here so that you don’t squish your book pages. If you want you can do your sealant before your embellishments to give the book pages a little more security.

Once you have your embellishments on you can let your hairbows set up for a few minutes and then you are done! You can add more sealant if you would like, or do it now if you didn’t do it before adding your embellishments.

book page craft

If you decide to give this craft a go be sure to tag ghastly_girl on social media or leave me a comment with a link to your post! I would love to see how yours turned out! 

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