How to Make Fun DIY Halloween Slime for Kids

DIY Halloween slime

Is there anything more fun than slime these days? Ok, yeah, slime is for kids. I have to admit though as a grown-up who didn’t do very well at growing up I have just as much fun with slime! It has definitely become a favorite activity around our house. There are just so many ways you can make your own DIY slime! We have done textured slime, slime with fake bugs in it, super sparkle slime, and so much more. This week we are sharing a fun DIY Halloween slime activity for kids just in time for trick or treat weekend.

This quick and easy Halloween slime recipe uses baking soda and contact solution in place of the Borax used in a lot of slime recipes. I find this slime recipe to be a little easier and safer to work with. ( Although I still wouldn’t suggest eating it lol. )

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You can use either clear glue or traditional white glue for this slime. Both types of glue turn out pretty well with this slime making method. I did find, however, that the clear glue needed just a little bit more kneading. ( That could just be me though.) You can also get glue that already has sparkles and color in it! I used this for the pumpkin slime recipe and it worked great! 

DIY Halloween slime

Orange Sparkle Pumpkin Slime Recipe

This slime is so easy to put together. To make it you will need clear glue, orange sparkles, orange coloring (food coloring works just fine or you can buy the kind made for soap), baking soda, and contact solution. As mentioned above I used a glue that already had the sparkles and coloring in it for this one. It is about a dollar or two more to get it pre-colored and pre-sparkled ( is that a word? It is now lol) 

DIY Halloween slime

Directions for Making Sparkle Pumpkin Slime:

Pour your entire bottle of glue into a plastic container. I love a set of IKEA PRUTA containers I bought about a year ago for slime. The tall ones are just the right size and shape for mixing up slime without all of the mess. If you are doing your own glitter and coloring you can add that, adjusting to your preference, at this point. 

Add 1 Tablespoon of baking soda to your glue and stir. Pour in 1 to 1 1/2 Tablespoons of contact solution and stir. 

Once your slime begins to form a ball remove from container and knead with your hands until no longer sticky. Usually, I find this takes about 1-2 minutes. 

That’s it! It’s really that easy! 

I painted a small plastic jar I picked up at Michaels to look like a jack o’ lantern face in black paint on the front. I also painted the lid to the container orange to match the pumpkin color of the slime inside. Once the slime was in the jar it made a cute little jack o’ lantern. The amount of slime is perfect for these little plastic jars. ( You can find similar 8 oz plastic jars in bulk on Amazon!

DIY Halloween slime

Green Sparkle Frankenstein Slime Recipe

Of course, we couldn’t have just old Jack all alone for Halloween! I made a fun Frankenstein inspired slime to go along with him. ( Frankenslime?) This one is very similar to the pumpkin slime recipe but this time I did use my own coloring and sparkles. When using your own coloring you do want to go a shade or two darker than you want it to be because it will lighten up slightly as the slime forms.  

DIY Halloween slime

Directions for Making Sparkle Frankenstein Slime:

Pour your glue into the container you have chosen to make your slime in. Add in your coloring of choice. ( We used a greenish-blue food coloring) Stir until fully blended and no streaks of color remain. Add in the amount of glitter that you prefer. We used a lot of glitter because you can’t have too much glitter in our house lol. 

Once you have your glue the color and sparkle level that you want you can add in your Tablespoon of baking soda and stir. If it lightens up too much you can still add in another drop of your coloring at this point. Once you have blended the baking soda in you can add in 1 to 1 1/2 Tablespoons of contact solution and stir until a ball forms. Just like with the pumpkin slime once your slime forms a ball you can remove it from the container and knead with your hands until fully formed. 

I used the same container for Frankie as I did with the pumpkin slime recipe. However, for this one, I painted a fun Frankenstein face on the front of the container and painted the top black. 

DIY Halloween slime

Personalizing Your Halloween Slime

I was going to add a leaf and stem to the top of my pumpkin slime but decided that considering it’s slime, that might get a little messy. It would be simple to use a pipe cleaner and felt to add this to the top of your pumpkin container if you want to though. 

You can also add fun little foam bolts to the bottom of your Frankenstein container if you would like. Whatever you choose to make it your own! 

DIY Halloween slime

One fun thing that we like to add to our slime recipe on occasion is scents. The pumpkin slime recipe would be a great one to add a pumpkin spice scent to. The Frankenstein slime would be a great one for watermelon, berry, or some other fruity scent. You can find awesome scents for soaps and cosmetics that work well in slime. Regardless of what scent you choose, your Halloween glitter slime will provide plenty of fun for days! 

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