How to Make an Embroidery Hoop Doily Dream Catcher and MMP #1

I have such exciting news to share with you guys. It’s just in the very beginning stages so it’s not definite yet but there’s a chance that we could be moving back to Ohio. This is HUGE for me for a few reasons. All of my family and the friends I grew up with are in Ohio. I can’t even express how big of a deal it is for me to think about actually having so many of the people I love nearby again. Being a military spouse can be lonely. This can be even truer when you have a chronic illness and can’t quite get out as much as you used to. Add in a special needs child who needs my attention most hours of the day and well, my social life has taken a definite hit. 

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I’ve been so busy (hello there hypomania and ADHD) thinking about how I want to set up a new house. The houses in Ohio are old and amazing. I can’t wait to decorate. I think that is my favorite part of every PCS. In Japan, we had a super modern look with bright colors. In Arkansas, we’ve toned it down a bit but still keep with an eclectic style. In the new house, I’m hoping to go with Boho Vintage. Is that a thing? If not I’m totally making it a thing now. 

I’ve been doing a ton of crafting to keep myself from bouncing off the walls with excitement. One of my favorite crafts from this week was a cute embroidery hoop doily dreamcatcher. This project takes less than an hour to complete and all of the supplies can be picked up for less than $5. It’s a super simple and frugal craft to do in an afternoon. 

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doily dreamcatcher

How to Make a Doily Dream Catcher

This project is so simple. It comes together in just a few minutes. It is also incredibly customizable. If you prefer more of a neutral look like the one pictured above you can leave it as is. If you prefer a more colorful look you can add in beads or feathers. You can even use watercolor paint to add your favorite colors on it or paint designs onto your doily.

Items Needed:

1 doily ( I bought a 2 pack on sale at the dollar store when they went on clearance for just 50 cents!)

1 embroidery hoop ( use a size that fits the pattern you are trying to isolate)

2 or more types of ribbons ( neutral or colors)


doily dreamcatcher

To begin the project line the embroidery hoop up with the part of the doily that you want to use in your dreamcatcher. You can move the hoop around on the doily to find a pattern or area that you prefer. In this one, I chose to use a corner of the leaf pattern on this one to make it look like a flower or lotus. 

LIne the bottom of the pattern you choose up with the bottom of the embroidery hoop (or you can go with the top) If you want you can use a marking pen to mark your pattern area on the doily. You want to make sure to mark on the outside of the hoop rather than the inside. That way you have plenty to hold the pattern in the hoop. You can trim any excess off after you have it secured. 

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doily dreamcatcher

Once you have your pattern outlined (or you can eyeball it) place it inside the hoop and trim the excess parts of the doily off. You don’t need to close it completely, just enough to hold the doily in place while you trim. We will be taking it back out to add the ribbons in. 

doily dreamcatcher

Now we are going to add the ribbons to the outer hoop. To do this you want to cut a strand of ribbon about 12 inches long (or longer depending on your preference). Fold this ribbon in half and lay it over the top of your hoop with the fold making an upside-down U on top of the hoop. Wrap the ends of the ribbons under the hoop and through the loop. Pull the ends tightly through the loop to make a knot around the hoop.

You can use as many pieces of ribbon as you would like. I used three strips of one ribbon and four strips of another. I alternated ribbons for a textured effect and to add a little more (albeit neutral) color in my strands. You want your knots to be at the bottom of the outer hoop.

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doily dreamcatcher

Once you have your ribbons tied on the way you want them you can put your outer hoop and inner hoops together. Line your doily pattern up on top of the inner hoop and press the outer hoop down on top of it. Be sure to go slowly and carefully to keep your doily pattern from moving out of place. 

Add a loop of twine or cord to the closure of the embroidery hoop as a simple hanger. 

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