Organize Your Life with the Cozi App for iOS and Android

Organize Your Life with the Cozi App for iOS and Android

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Get it Together

There is absolutely no denying that mom life is a hectic life. Between chasing kids, feeding pets, keeping appointments, making sure our husband is actually wearing the right underwear, and everything else we have to do it can be easy to get lost in your day.

How many times have you forgotten an appointment or meeting that you arranged months ago? What about those arranged by a spouse that forgot to even tell you about it? ( Don’t you just love those? lol )

Does your son have band practice the same day as ballet lessons? Who knows!

Sure we have all manner of calendars and ways of tracking things, but let’s be honest…are they really working? I have three planners I use. One for blogging, one for my daughter’s appointments and meetings, and one on my phone for everything else. I always find myself going back to one app to keep everything together though whether it be deployments, therapy, or teeth cleaning appointments. The Cozi app is hands down the best way to get your life together, and your kids lives, and your dog’s life…you get what I mean. 

One awesome thing about Cozi ( and quite possibly my favorite feature ) is that you can not only know your own schedule but that of every member of your family. If they have phones they can have access to the very same shared schedule!

No more confusion, no more worrying if you missed something, and no more “oh I had no idea” from the kids because they will have the schedule right there on the phone that they never put down. ( Seriously, now that my daughter is a tween I think it is just going to merge with her hand like some weird alien hybrid or something )

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Cozi app for iOS and Android

More Than Just a Calendar

While Cozi is one of the best calendars I have ever used it is so much more than just a calendar. It also includes a variety of different lists you can use to make your life easier.

My personal favorite is the grocery list. How many times ( if you’re anything like me ) have you found yourself in the grocery without that list you spent so long making? Going through the trouble of meal planning and carefully putting together a grocery list only to forget it has to be one of the most frustrating things in the world. It can also lead to meals going unmade or money wasted from not buying what you need or buying a bunch of stuff you didn’t need.

There is also a to-do list available that you can use to make your own list ( or lists ) of items that need to be done while you are out. Not only will you have the grocery list you need for your stop at the store in the same app, but also a calendar letting you know what day is best to run your errands or what days you are needed elsewhere.

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Cozi app for iOS and Android

Get Your Cleaning Game in Check

Look around your house right now, mama. Are things as clean as you would like them to be? No, not as clean as anyone else says that they should be but as clean as YOU want it to be. There is such a wide spectrum of how tidy an individual wants their house. Some can’t stand a spot here or there. Others can let things go for days without it bothering them.

I have to admit that as a mom with bipolar disorder and chronic pain this can really vary for me. Some days I clean relentlessly. Others I just can’t do it. This is one of the reasons that I stumbled across a cleaning system by The FlyLady. No, I don’t follow the system as tightly as recommended, but it has been a life-changer for me all the same.

No longer am I overwhelmed with too much to do and no idea where to start. The FlyLady gives you a set schedule for cleaning just about anything in the house ( or you can add your own items or locations ), and a list of things to do each day to keep things acceptable.

One great thing about The FlyLady is that they offer a Cozi calendar that you can add to your already existing app to get notifications of where and what you should clean each day to keep chaos from taking over your home and life.

Cozi app for iOS or Android

Try Cozi For Free!

Yup, that’s right! You can try Cozi for iOS or Android absolutely free. ( There’s also a desktop version ) They offer a gold membership as well for $29.99 annually which is ad-free and includes mobile month view, calendar search, multiple reminders of an event, shopping mode, contacts, a birthday tracker, and mobile app themes.

This app has won an appy for the best family app. It was also listed by the TODAY show as the “must-have” family app. For me personally, it has been a real game-changer. Between my husband’s hectic USAF schedule, crazy homeschool schedules, and my doctor’s appointments with a chronic illness I wasn’t getting nearly as much accomplished as I do since I started using it.

Do you use the Cozi app? What is your favorite thing about it? I would love to hear your experiences ( good or bad! ) with it in the comments.

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Cozi is the best family management app available for iOS and Android devices. It includes a calendar, to do list, grocery list, and much more! #calendar #organization #familymanagement
Do you have a busy schedule? Our review of the best family schedule app can be a game changer! #grocerylist #calendarapp #familymanagement #organization

The Cozi app for iOS or Android ( yes, desktop too!) is the best available for family organization and much more.

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