Organize Your Life with the Cozi App for iOS and Android

Cozi app for iOS and Android
I don’t care what you’re doing. If you’ve got one kid or 18 of them. No matter whether you’re a soccer mom or your little one is on the chess team. Mom life is a crazy, hectic, barely ever sit down kind of life. When I find myself taking nerdlet one to 10 appointments a week and trying to remember to get nerdlet two to Boy Scouts or school events I can get confused quickly. This is why I am so glad that I found a great family schedule app for iPhone and Android.
Not only can I set it up and schedule out our week on my phone, but everyone else in the family can access and add to the schedule no matter what phone they have. ( We are a family divided when it comes to Apple vs. Android.) This simple to follow weekly family schedule has been a lifesaver for us. No more surprise work trips for my husband or homework I don’t hear about until an hour before it’s due. Everyone in our family is responsible for updating their events and appointments, and everyone knows what is going on ( with everyone else!) It’s been such a wonderful addition to our lives!
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Cozi app for iOS and Android

More Than Just a Calendar

 The calendar aspect of this family scheduling app would be enough to sell me. Even if it was a paid app I would easily say we got our money’s worth out of it. For most of the capabilities though, you can use them absolutely free! There is a subscription available for more features, but you can get quite a bit of use out of the free version!
This awesome organization app doesn’t stop there though. Along with the weekly family schedule, this app has a grocery list, to-do list, and much more!
How many times have you taken the time to write out a meal plan only to forget your grocery list on the kitchen counter? With the Cozi app for iOS and Android, you can schedule the perfect day to go shopping and have your grocery list on hand every time.
The to-do list has been so helpful for me to remember things I need to finish throughout the day. A lot of times I will leave a project half-finished and come back to it when I have more time. I can add it to my to-do list and always remember to come back by the end of the day.
If I happen to run out of supplies or need something extra for a project I am working on I can add the supplies to my grocery list, and a stop at the craft store to my to-do list. The ease of having all of my lists and obligations in one place has made my life much more organized and efficient.

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Cozi app for iOS and Android

Get Your Cleaning Game in Check

Do you ever feel like your house is as hectic as your schedule? I mean, how are you supposed to find time to clean when you can barely find time to cook dinner? For me, having ADHD has created a lifelong struggle with keeping my house as tidy as I would like.
The FlyLady system that is available to add to the Cozi family organization app has been the only thing that I found to truly help me stay organized. Now, I don’t follow the system as tightly as it is written. I tried that for a while and drove myself nuts trying to keep up with it on top of everything else I had going on. I do follow it as a set of guidelines for when to clean what and how often.
I was never really taught any of that as a kid, and it’s nice to have a guideline to follow. It makes it a lot easier to just check things off a list. It also helps to keep my mind from jumping from this chore or that that needs to be done. I had a bad habit of getting overwhelmed when presented with a lot to do. Checklists and notes have always been a lifesaver for me to help keep me on track.

One great thing about The FlyLady is that they offer a Cozi calendar that you can add to your already existing app to get notifications of where and what you should clean each day to keep chaos from taking over your home and life.

Cozi app for iOS or Android

Try Cozi For Free!

Yup, that’s right! You can try Cozi for iOS or Android absolutely free. ( There’s also a desktop version ) They offer a gold membership as well for $29.99 annually which is ad-free and includes mobile month view, calendar search, multiple reminders of an event, shopping mode, contacts, a birthday tracker, and mobile app themes.

This app has won an appy for the best family app. It was also listed by the TODAY show as the “must-have” family app. For me personally, it has been a real game-changer. Between my husband’s hectic USAF schedule, crazy homeschool schedules, and my doctor’s appointments with a chronic illness I wasn’t getting nearly as much accomplished as I do since I started using it.

Do you use the Cozi app? What is your favorite thing about it? I would love to hear your experiences ( good or bad! ) with it in the comments.

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Cozi is the best family management app available for iOS and Android devices. It includes a calendar, to do list, grocery list, and much more! #calendar #organization #familymanagement
Do you have a busy schedule? Our review of the best family schedule app can be a game changer! #grocerylist #calendarapp #familymanagement #organization

The Cozi app for iOS or Android ( yes, desktop too!) is the best available for family organization and much more.

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