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Five Quick Ways to Clear Negative Energy in the New Year

If there is one witchy thing that the new year is great for it would be to clear negative energy and things that don’t serve us to make room for all of the positivity and good things to come. I also find the new year a great time to do a bit of a “booster shot” of any household protection I have in place. Finally, it can be a great time to do protection spells for yourself or for loved ones.

Many, whether they know it or not, are working on manifesting their wishes in the new year. They may not be doing any rituals or actively putting together spells. However, through visualizing the type of person they want to be, or a goal that they would like to achieve they too are working on trying to create a little magick in their lives and clear negative energy.

We talked previously on the blog about doing S.M.A.R.T. goals and setting up a type of vision board to really help yourself achieve the goals and wishes of the new year. This year we are taking it a step further and helping you to add an extra layer of oomph to your New Year’s Wishes with the help of a few herbs, oils, and other witchaphanalia. (yes, that’s totally a word!)

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a woman with red hair and bright rainbow bokeh circles Understanding Your Vibration

Have you ever met someone in the “no bad vibes” crowd before? You may have felt as though these individuals were promoting some kind of toxic positivity or that they were just faking it in some performative way. I know I have certainly felt this way at times before. I mean, come on. You can’t just clear negative energy away that easily, can you?

Believe it or not, you can! Learning how to clear negative energy can be so important to both our spiritual health and our mental health. Our brains don’t know the difference between “faking it” or truly being a high-vibing ( or low-vibing) person. They don’t care about social media likes, putting on a front, or any kind of aesthetic. All they know is that you are happier, and dealing with everyday frustrations in a calmer, less stressful kind of way. After a while, they get used to this state of being and really do become a place where “bad vibes” are no longer welcome.

On the other hand, by only focusing on the negative you are not truly seeing the positive in your life. It can be easy to see everything going wrong in your life, making even the slightest inconvenience seem like a travesty when you have primed your brain to be negative.

It’s not a simple task, but once we are able to deal with our own negativity in a healthy way we can find ourselves in a place where it is more difficult for others to affect us with their negativity. In turn, once we can clear negative energy in our lives we find ourselves more drawn to experiences that make us happier and more fulfilled. We also tend to try to avoid situations we know will just cause pain in one way or another.

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an emoji woman sits among words for high vibration energy and low vibration energy

High Vibration Energy & Low Vibration Energy

Think of a friend or relative you have who seems to never be happy. Maybe they complain about everything or find it funny to put others down all the time. More often than not these types of people frequently have a story of a recent bad event that has happened whenever you see them.

You might have thought that this person is so miserable and quick to complain because of their bad luck. I mean, look at all of these terrible things that keep happening to them, right? Actually,  you may be surprised to hear that it’s actually quite the opposite! Those who frequently complain seem to have more bad events happen for them because they have tuned their brains to look for the negative and the low vibration input.

High vibration energy is the energy that comes from things such as gratitude, acceptance, and peace. Not so much a positive attitude despite the negative things that may be going on in the world around you, but rather an acceptance that these things are only small obstacles to overcome when compared to everything else going on in your life, and furthermore the awareness that your response to negative input can completely alter the outcome of the experience.

Sure, you may be stuck in traffic. This could cause you to be annoyed, angry, or even anxious as you think of all of the things you need to go do, but you could approach the situation in a sense of gratitude that you have a car to drive, acceptance that an accident may have occurred to block the way, or even empathy for the others around you that could lead you to drive a little nicer.

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a scene of heavy traffic in a big city

Each of these outlooks offers a happier and more of a high vibration outcome by drawing happiness and peacefulness to you rather than anger and irritation that surely would have followed a low vibration response to the incident.

Low vibration energy is when we allow emotions such as greed, insecurity, or anger to influence our reactions to the world around us. Many people have darker sides of themselves (often called the shadow self).

This side of us is the one who might respond out of insecurity and jealousy to a pretty picture of a friend, or who might respond out of greed when they feel that someone is getting a better deal in life then they are. These low vibration states are those that leave others around us feeling drained rather than inspired. They are also the ones that we are most likely hiding from even ourselves. It is this side of ourselves that we need to focus on to truly clear negative energy that we may have accumulated throughout the year.

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a quote from the Carl Jung book Aion regarding the shadow self

Understanding Your Shadow Self

There are many methods that witches use to better recognize and understand what is often called the “shadow self”. Some use journaling. Others use meditation methods to better understand the parts of them that they are less than proud of. Everyone has a part of themselves that they aren’t proud of. Once we accept this and move to understand where this part of us comes from we can begin to heal this side of ourselves and stop letting this shadow self influence our responses to the world with low vibration energy.

Perhaps your insecurities come from a trauma that has occurred during your life. Often, we create these shadow selves to help protect us in a bad situation. I have been dealing with a lot of insecurity and jealousy that come from past relationships. Once I was able to identify this part of myself I was able to begin working on fixing it within myself rather than projecting it out onto others.

It’s not an easy process, and it definitely is going to happen overnight. After a while though, when you can regularly clear negative energy and heal old wounds it will become easier to stop and evaluate how you are responding to a situation that was once triggering for you.

We’ll be getting into further detail on the shadow self throughout the year ( and we’ll be going over exercises to help identify and embrace yours so be sure to join our Baby Witch Club on Facebook!) For now though, it’s just important to understand that it’s there and that it is most likely having a dramatic effect in the way you treat others AND yourself.

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Why it is important to clear negative energy

Sometimes we can have negativity affect our lives without even knowing where it is coming from. Perhaps someone has been sick. Maybe there have been more bad days at work than usual. Regardless of the reason, there can often be a sort of transient negative energy lingering around your home. Sometimes, this energy itself can be picked up on leaving individuals to believe there is a haunting in their home. Other times it may just cause you to be more irritable or uncomfortable in your home. In extreme cases, this energy can manifest itself as what many would call a poltergeist.

Now, of course, having a poltergeist (sometimes also called a Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis) in the home is a very extreme outcome and not likely in most cases. More often than not you may just feel more tired or irritable than usual. Regardless, now that we have explained high vibration and low vibration you can see how this negative energy can take a toll on anyone in the home.

One would like to think that just taking a moment to clear negative energy out of your home when you move in would be enough. However, due to the busy and stressful lives that we are living in this new decade, it is important to do a “booster” at least every couple of months. To make things as easy as possible it’s a great idea to have quick, easy, but powerful options available to cleanse your energy on a regular basis.

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a card in a city window reading create a life you love.

Defining the Negative Patterns of the Past Year

An important aspect of dealing with negative energy in the new year is to identify any patterns that brought more negativity into our lives in the previous year. Did you let an ex-boyfriend back into your life one too many times? Maybe you let a friend walk all over you even though you knew you should have stood up for yourself. Many out there have struggled with addiction or other destructive coping mechanisms.

For just about everyone, there will be patterns that you can notice in your life that bring negative outcomes. If you are having trouble identifying anything give it a little while and try to meditate on it. Ask yourself where you have not been as strong or as kind as you would have liked. Don’t try to force it but give the answer time to come to you.

Once you have identified any negative patterns that are bringing low vibration energy into your life you can work on dealing with the underlying cause(s) and raising your vibration to allow more positivity and abundance to come to you. As mentioned above, we’ll be going over just how to do this in our Facebook group and here on the blog so be sure to join our mailing list to stay up to date with all of the witchy goodness to come in 2020.

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a deck of tarot cards, a crystal, and a smudge stick

My Top Five Ways to Clear Negative Energy

There are many ways that you can clear negative energy from your life throughout the new year. Some of the methods below focus on you as an individual. Others help you to clear negative energy from your home. Some you can take with you as you go about your day and others are meant to be kept in one place to protect your home or those you love while you are there or away.

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Smoke Cleansing  

Of course, smoke cleansing ( sometimes referred to as smudging) is the tried and true method of clearing negative energy from your home. Many cultures use the smoke of various substances to purify their homes and other spaces. Most who are interested in cleansing their energy have heard of doing a sage smudging stick. Sage is a great option as long as it is ethically sourced. However, there are many other options for smoke cleansing that may be more accessible for you, or may resonate better with your cleansing and purification goals. In a pinch, you can even use something a simple as incense. (Sandalwood is a good general option to have on hand to use in place of something more difficult to find!)

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a list of items to use for smudging and the corresponding outcomes.

Regardless of the option that you decide to use for your smoke cleansing, it is important that you purchase items that have been ethically harvested, and that are free of pesticides and other contaminants. It is also important to make sure that there are no allergies to your chosen cleansing substance in either humans or pets in your home.

When you are smoke cleansing your home to clear negative energy it is important to also have as many windows open as possible throughout your home. This allows the negative energy to leave your home much easier and more efficiently as the space is purified.

smudge stick options and the corresponding outcome

Once you have chosen the material you would like to use for smoke cleansing the process is fairly simple. There are variations that are used to smoke cleanse one’s home. However, in it’s most basic form you are going to walk around your home in a clockwise direction and allow the smoke to fill each room.

You can write your own spell to recite as you are smoke cleansing or use the simple one provided below. Ultimately, your own spell will be far more powerful than anything that is provided here. This is because your own will and your own intentions will be what is used to charge your actions as you are cleansing your home of negative energy.

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Cleansing negative energy with sea salt has been a standard used by many traditions over the years. It can be a great alternative if you are trying to figure out how to clear negativity from a house without sage. Salt is even a great item to use after you have smudged to clear negative energy to help create a magical barrier that will slow negativity down when it tries to make its way back into your home.

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to using salt for protection or to use salt to keep negativity out of your home. Some choose to go with all-purpose sea salt. Others go with pink salt or black salt. I personally choose to use a powder that has a combination of pink salt, ground eggshells, and rosebuds as I often work with spirits and don’t really want to bring my work home with me.

As you grow as a baby witch you will learn to make magical powders and witchy salt blends that will best help you and your lifestyle. For the purposes of this post, I will just be going over the basics of salt.

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magical uses of salt

a hand holds a roller top bottle with essential oils and crystals to clear negative energy

Protective Oil Blends 

I may lose my witch card here for admitting that I do not think that essential oils are the cure-all for everything that some have hailed them to be in recent years. That said, many oils have great aromatherapy properties to help with things like anxiety, mental clarity, and even headaches in some cases.

Creating a simple oil roll-on can be a great way to clear negative energy and draw abundance into your life while on the go. These oil blends can be applied any time that you are needing a little refocus to help remind yourself to choose high vibration energy over low vibration feelings such as anger, irritability, or jealousy (and they smell really great too!)

Applying the oils can be a ritual in itself where you “arm yourself” for the day to come with pleasant scents and a daily reminder of your desire to manifest your higher self. You can say a short spell or mantra each morning as you apply the oils or any time throughout the day that you need a little booster of positivity.

You can simply make a protective oil roll-on by adding a carrier oil, the essential oils of your choice, and a few crystals or herbs to a roll-on oil bottle. There are many crystals to choose from that clear away negative energy. However, it is important to be sure to study the items you choose to add to your oil blend carefully as some crystals (and herbs) can break down into toxic substances when put into liquids. Naturally, you would want to avoid adding those items to your blends so you aren’t poisoning yourself instead of dispelling negativity.

Below you will find a few basic blends that I use to dispel negativity and bring peace to my life. You can easily add or remove items to make a blend more suited to your needs. As with all magickal workings, it is important to focus on your intentions (or what you want the oil to do for you) as you put the blend together. This will help to charge the oil with your intended purpose for it.

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The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall  

roller top bottle, eyedroppers, crystal chips, and essential oils to make a protection oil roller

Ingredients Needed to Make an Oil Blend to Dispel Negativity

Glass oil roller bottle 

Carrier Oil ( I used sunflower oil)

Essential Oils ( I used lavender, rose, ylang-ylang, rosemary, and patchouli)

5-10 crystal chips ( I used amethyst, citrine, and flourite)

Dried or wilted herbs (if desired)

a hand holding two roller top bottles with essential oils and crystals to clear negative energy

Directions to Create an Oil Blend to Clear Negative Energy

I have found that it is best to add your dry items to the roller bottle before putting your oils in. This way the oils will conform to the space left after your dry items are added rather than needing to force herbs and stones down into a small jar of oil.

an essential oil bottle holding crystal chips

Once you have the herbs and stones that you would like to add in your bottle you can fill the rest of the jar with your carrier oil. Naturally, you want to choose an oil that is safe to use on the skin. Sunflower oil is a great option for essential oil rollers because it contains vitamins A, B, D, and E.

a hand holding a roller top bottle and adding oil to it

Once you have the carrier oil in the roller bottle you can begin adding drops of your essential oils to the jar until the scent profile you want is achieved. I generally find that between 5 and 15 drops of each essential oil is a good level to get a strong, but not overpowering scent. Naturally, the scents that you want to be more prominent in your blend will need more drops of oil than scents that you just want to use to complement the others.

When putting fresh herbs into a roller bottle it is best to let them dry for 12 to 24 hours to draw out any extra moisture. Although a fresh, plump sprig of rosemary may look fantastic in a roller bottle of oil, the excess moisture found in the plant can cause your oil blend to go rancid. When possible, always try to go with dry herbs or let the herbs you use wilt slightly to remove excess moisture.

Two roller ball bottles with crystals and essential oils for protection

For the two blends I created for this tutorial I used only oils and crystal chips. In the first, I added amethyst and equal parts of ylang-ylang and rose. In the second bottle, I added the stones of citrine and flourite, and the oils of lavender and rosemary.

The first blend is a great one for general protection where the second one is great for grounding yourself, embracing peace, and becoming a higher vibration version of yourself to bring more positivity into your life.

Secure the roller top onto the roller bottle and check to be sure that there aren’t any leaks. Once you are sure that it is properly sealed you can shake it gently to distribute the scent throughout the carrier oil.

As long as it is kept in a cool, dry location your oil should store for up to a year. If you begin to notice any discoloration or a strange smell when applying your oil blend you should toss it immediately and make a new one.

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a hand holding a necklace with a small glass jar filled with herbs and crystals for protection

Clear Negative Energy from Your Home with Spell Jars 

Spell jars can be a quick and highly effective way of learning how to clear negative energy in your home and your life. Much like using plants to clear negative energy, spell jars can be used to attract abundance and positivity to your home. You can even make a small spell jar to attach to a necklace. You can even hang a small spell jar from the rearview mirror in your car to clear negative energy and keep you safe as you travel throughout your day!

Much like putting together an essential oil roller bottle you can easily alter a spell jar to fit a particular need or situation. You can make a general protective spell jar to keep in your home to keep negativity out. Anti-anxiety spell jars are a fantastic way to empower yourself throughout the day. If you’re going to any job interviews or important work meetings in the new year you can quickly and easily put together a luck or prosperity jar to aid you.

You generally don’t want to add liquid to the ingredients of a spell jar (although you can add a few drops of essential oil if you would like) so you won’t have to worry as much about accidentally creating a toxic substance. It is still important to study and understand the magical and mundane properties of the items going into your jar. There are many options that you can use to tailor your jar to the protective purposes. As with all of our other magickal protection blends, however, it is important to focus on your intentions to help the ingredients do their work.

Below are directions to help you make a simple all-purpose protective spell jar that you can attach to a necklace and take with you as you go about your day. You can alter this recipe to add in any magickal properties that you are trying to obtain.

different herbs laid out on a board to put in a spell jar

Ingredients for a Simple Protective Spell Jar

Small cork topped glass jar

Herbs of choice ( I used basil, red pepper, dill, rosemary, and coriander)

Crystals of choice ( I used garnet and aventurine)

Salt for protection, if desired ( I prefer to use pink salt for this purpose)

2-5 drops of essential oil, if desired (if using be sure to read our safety tips)

( you can add a small metal key charm or pentagram charm as a fun decoration)

thin natural jute twine

White tea light candle, if desired ( or preferred color)

Small funnel  or tweezers

putting herbs into a spell jar to clear negative energy

Directions to Make a Protective Spell Jar

Begin by adding a funnel to the mouth of your jar if you are using one. If you can’t find a small funnel or don’t want to use one you can also roll paper into a cone shape to make a funnel to aid you in filling your bottle. You can also use needle nose tweezers to pick your herbs up and place them into the bottle. The latter method is the one I decided to use for this tutorial.

If you are having trouble with keeping your bottle steady I have found that a soldering tool ( I stole from my husband lol) known as the helping hands is great at keeping small bottles steady while you add ingredients. It’s a great way to add an extra hand or two when you are working with small items. Of course, you want to be careful that you don’t accidentally scratch or crack your glass jar with the alligator clips.

Once you have your bottle set up with a funnel you can begin adding layers of ingredients. You can blend it all together and make a true blend or take the time to layer each item for an aesthetic effect. I prefer to layer my items a bit, but this is completely up to you here. ( If you are blending your herbs you can use a pinch of cornstarch to help hold everything together.) I try to get equal parts of each item into my jar. However, if you feel more drawn to a particular crystal or herb you are more than welcome to boost that ingredient a little!

adding crystals to the top of a spell jar

It is important that you end up with a spell jar that speaks of your interests, needs, and intentions rather than just following directions. Take the time to thank your ingredients for the protection they will bring you and focus your intentions on the jar as you fill it.

+ Watch the Video Tutorial on Our Youtube Channel +

Once you have your items added to the jar you can seal it with the cork and leave it as is or follow up with a wax seal. I choose to go with a white wax seal in most of my spell jars as it is a neutral, protective candle color. However, you are more than welcome to choose a different wax color to help add an extra oomph to your spell jar’s intentions.

candle color correspondences

You can use the candle color correspondences in the graphics above and below to help choose a wax color to go along with the intentions you are putting into your spell jar. This will help give another little boost of energy to help the universe truly know what you are trying to accomplish with your spell jar.

Making Protective Jewelry with Crystals 

Our final way to add a layer of protection to your new year to help clear negative energy is to make jewelry using powerful protective crystals. Learning how to clear negative energy from yourself is just as important as understanding how to clear negative energy from your home.

there crystals in jewelry settings on a white board

Using crystals to clear negative energy by making jewelry can be a great discrete way of dispelling negative energy if you aren’t quite out of the broom closet yet. Rather than a jar of herbs or pentagrams, a simple crystal can just look like a beautiful piece of jewelry to those you may not want to know it’s true intentions.

There are many crystals for protection and dispelling negativity that you can choose from when making your jewelry. You can combine multiple crystals for added effect, but often just one will do the trick.

two crystals set for necklaces

Many jewelry shops now offer crystals prepared to add to a necklace of your choice. Others offer plain crystals that you can add to your jewelry with wire or other jewelry making materials. Of course, the route you decide to take will depend on your personal preferences and jewelry making abilities.

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