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Free Printable Blog Planning Worksheet Set ( Know Your Audience Better!)

Remember how we talked about planning and setting goals to help keep your site running smoothly and to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed?

I have decided to give you guys a few of the documents that I use to do just this. This set of three printable worksheets can be used each month to help you determine how well you are doing, how much you want to do, and what changes you need to make when it comes to your blogging strategy.

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Blogging Goals Worksheet

The first of the three worksheets available today is a goals worksheet. This worksheet will help you to know where you stand as far as your following on your site and social media. You can set a new follower and/or engagement goal based on your performance the previous month and really have realistic and manageable objectives.

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Reader Avatar Worksheet

This is one of the most important worksheets that I use. It helps to take analytical data and put it in a manageable file that you can reference throughout the month.

I personally use one for each type of analytical data that I have. This includes google analytics, the Facebook pixel, and other social media data. Once each of these is compiled you can create a master avatar that is a median of all of them put together.

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Blog Post Planning Worksheet

Finally, once you have all of your analytical data and know how well you did achieving followers throughout the past month you can begin to plan your posts for the upcoming month. Which posts did well and which ones bombed?

Knowing how your posts are performing as well as the analytics to help decipher why they are so well received can help to truly streamline your blogging and your post selection because you will be armed with the knowledge of what parts of your blog people will like and those they don’t really spend any time on.

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Do You Plan Your Blog Posts?

Do you plan out what you post each month or do you just wing it? What content strategies have you adopted? We would love to hear what has helped you in your journey as a blogger, and the tips and tools you would recommend to beginning bloggers to help organize everything! 

Drop us a comment below with your favorite ways of staying organized as a blogger! 

Happy Blogging!

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Grab our free printable worksheet set and start planning your blog content based on your analytics to really see an increase in traffic! #blogplanning #organizeyourblog #increasetraffic

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Grab our free printable worksheet set and start planning your blog content based on your analytics to really see an increase in traffic! #blogplanning #organizeyourblog #increasetraffic
Are you having issues with consistency and planning blog posts? Our handy guide and free printables will help you get everything under control! #blogplanning #blogplanningprintable #bloggingtips #blogginghowto
Our set of blog planning worksheets are great for helping you to define your audience and plan better posts each month!

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