Our Favorite Monthly Organic Baking Subscription Box from FoodStirs

Our Favorite Monthly Organic Baking Subscription Box from FoodStirs


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Have you guys noticed the rainbow and unicorn trend in baking lately? It’s like my personal style put into cake form, and I couldn’t be happier!

Rainbow, and Unicorns, and Cake…? OH YES!

I have seen so many adorable ideas involving cake and beautiful pastel colors lately that my geeky little heart could explode.

One of my favorite sites for picking up a monthly organic baking subscription box and other baking kits is Food Stirs. They not only provide super cute items, but also non-GMO and chemical-free products that you can trust for your family.

All of their baking kits are fun to make and to eat! They are fabulous for a fun time with your kids or for that gift you’ve been looking for!

organic baking subscription box

Food Stirs has a wide variety of items to choose from including special holiday or event themed baking kits and even a subscription service!

  • The Baker’s Club Monthly Subscription is available for $19.99
  • You can grab a 3 Month Subscription for $59.00
  • A 6-month subscription is available for $119.00
  • A 12-month subscription is available for only $215.00

The 3 month, 6 month and 12-month subscription boxes include free shipping as well as up to $96 off when you purchase an annual subscription.

All kits include dye-free edible decorations, the Food Stirs signature organic baking mixes, and an awesome array of decorating items.

All items are also doable in 6 steps or less. (Unless you are like me and forget what you are doing turning 6 steps into about 24.)

All subscription boxes and baking kits from Food Stirs are a great (and really fun!) way to get kids helping in the kitchen!

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organic baking subscription box

If you use the promo code SPRING20 with your order at Food Stirs you can save 20% off any order through May 31st! That includes both baking kits and subscription boxes!

I can’t say enough how great this company is not only for their absolutely adorable organic baking kits but also the fact that they use sustainable ingredients sourced from small farms that are pure and high-quality.

Personally, I just love supporting companies that are earth conscious and people conscious.

Leave me a comment and let me know which of their kits you choose! I would love to see pictures of your creations and how they turned out!

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Our favorite monthly organic baking subscription boxes from FoodStirs. These boxes are chemical and GMO free and provide a fun monthly baking activity for the whole family! #organicbaking #subscriptionbox #baking
adorable baking items at Food Stirs

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