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We are so happy that you are here at the home of mom life for the weird moms!

You may have noticed that things have changed a little bit around here. Don’t get too nervous! We’ll still have all of the great chronic illness and mental health content that you’ve come to trust our site for. There’s no way I could stop baking or (attempting) crafting, so we’ll still have tons of that around here too! I’m definitely still a special needs mom, and I (unfortunately) still deal with a chronic illness almost every day!

One thing that you won’t find around here anymore is a fake side to me. For two years now I’ve followed “blogging gurus” who preached that you couldn’t do this and have a successful blog, or you couldn’t do that and have a successful blog. I have to say that I am so over that. I’m so over not being true to who I am but rather trying to follow some formula for success.

In the long run, I’ve come to believe that it is far more important ( and WAY more fun!) to share my truth from my experience rather than trying to appeal to a certain audience or to try to seem like a viable option for this brand or that. It may not be as “marketable” according to the blogging pros, but it’s going to be a lot more real and a lot more me. That said, It’s going to get a lot weirder around here! I’ll be sharing much more of my life as a paranormal investigator, much more of my personal research on the odd and macabre, and much more of my spirituality as a witch.

If you are a reader who is uncomfortable with these changes I completely understand and want to thank you for your time with us! I know that the “weird mom tribe” isn’t something that everyone is comfortable with, and I completely respect that. I wish all of my readers past, present, and future all the best in the new year.

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Our Promise to You

Our goal at Ghastly Girl is to provide you with a fun welcoming community full of kindness and free from judgment or negativity. We want you to feel as though you can be yourself, make mistakes, and fully live in the awesome and totally weird person you are. 

We invite you to join our community both on the site and in our new Facebook group for 2020. We will be starting our new monthly book club in January and are so excited for you to join us!
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A New Home for Baby Witches

We will also be introducing a special learn as you go group for anyone interested in learning more about the pagan lifestyle. We offer an eclectic approach for the solitary practitioner to begin to get their feet wet in the craft and learn the basics of spells, rituals, tarot, and much more!

We invite you to join us in each of our monthly focus studies that are completely a do at your own pace and in your own time opportunity absolutely free of charge!

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