The mind and body are an important part of witchcraft click this image to learn more on how to integrate them into your pagan practice.

Here at Ghastly Girl, we believe that witchcraft is a holistic affair. We cannot live up to our highest potential when our minds are clouded by trauma or our bodies are running on empty. We like to take a mind, body, and spirit approach to the world of the magical to create a lifestyle that helps you to reach your full potential as a witch. This includes looking at our mental state and really being honest with ourselves on where improvements could be made. It also means being kind to our bodies and being mindful enough to know when our bodies need a little extra TLC. When mind and body are in harmony we are more able to focus on things such as learning, meditation, and fellowship that lead to true spiritual growth. 

No, I’m not selling anything (although I do include affiliate links from time to time). There will be paid courses available in the future for higher level, more specialized topics but for now, this site provides free education on witchcraft for beginners and explores the worlds of the bizarre and paranormal. The goal here is to make simple witchcraft available and accessible to all who feel drawn to learn about it and to help empower women to live in their full potential by taking steps to improve their mental and physical health. 


Why Do I Care So Much About Health? 

This is a great question. It’s not really something that many think of when it comes to spirituality. However, handling my mental health and dealing with trauma were a huge part of the beginnings of my spiritual awakening. I was not able to see the blocks that were there but they were many. As for physical health, I deal with various chronic health issues such as Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and chronic migraines. As you can imagine, these can be limiting when it comes to studying, focusing, and channeling energy. It wasn’t until I learned to work within my ability (both mental and physical) rather than try to change my ability to fit the world that I started seeing true results. Sometimes, going slower and being kinder to yourself truly is the way to go! 
Join me in 2022 where we go through a series of information on witchcraft for beginners

Witchcraft for Beginners

Join me in 2022 where I will be doing a completely free course on witchcraft for beginners. This course will explore topics such as the history of witchcraft, types of witches, tools of the trade, spell crafting, and much much more throughout the year! There will be a weekly topic that includes a video lesson, printouts if applicable, and discussion in our Facebook group and Discord channel (coming soon). 

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Exploring the Paranormal

In addition to teaching pagan practices to new witches, I also like to explore the world of the paranormal. I share my adventures visiting haunted places, give my perspective as a sensitive and female investigator, and offer tips and tricks for those looking to enter the world of paranormal investigation. 



Of course, witchcraft and the paranormal often go hand in hand so you’ll also be able to read on how I personally combine my spirituality and my pursuit of the unknown as I explore haunted locations, connect with entities, and look for answers to questions about the strange and unusual. 



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