Ghastly Girl

Heya! I’m Ghastly, but you can call me Lorileli if you prefer. I’m the writer and creator here at Ghastly Girl, a site where I share my thoughts and adventures as an eclectic pagan, paranormal historian, mom of two, and disabled, mentally ill woman.

This site is a place where I share tips and strategies that have helped me in many facets of my life. From writing spells to finding ways to calm my anxiety and be kinder to myself, or from documenting a haunting to finding the right way to bake cookies so they don’t do that oozey thing and go completely flat on you.

I suppose you could say this site is a little selfish, because my hope is that in sharing things I’ve learned through it and some of the experiences I’ve been through I can continue to heal from many of those experiences.

However, it is my hope that this site is a place that you find helpful in dealing with the many curveballs the universe throws at each of us, or even finding ways to work with the universe rather than dodge punches.

You can find more of my content at:

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