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Ten Things I Want to Learn This Year Worksheet : Exploring Your Child’s Interests

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Do you know the topics your children are most interested in?

As a mom and sometimes an educator it can be easy to get carried away in what we think our children should learn, or what we think sounds like fun. However, most importantly we need to think of what THEY find most important or most interesting.

Believe me, if you are a lifelong learner it can be hard to not get wrapped up in planning resources and activities for your kids. I know I can be guilty of this one myself. Researching topics and looking into options for a particular unit or subject can be almost as fun as teaching them and watching your child’s understanding grow.

However, studies have shown again and again that the more engaged and personally invested in something a person is ( regardless of their age ), the more likely they are to retain the knowledge and gain a true understanding of it.

Take Inventory of Their Interests

Of course, we all know what our children are interested in. For mine, I think Harry Potter, Minecraft, and anime top the list. However, when it comes to school that answer can be a little less defined for many of us. This is even more the case when you are starting out on a fresh grade level.

While there are topics and ideas that need to be covered for each grade level there is more than enough room to plan things around the things that your children would like to know. In addition, you can also work the basics around their interests.

This could include doing a Minecraft unit on social structures, a Harry Potter wizard science unit, or even the anatomy and physiology of a Titan. The possibilities are quite endless if you are creative enough.

This quick and fun free printable worksheet gives your children a chance to give you ideas on just what and how they are interested in learning. It can be completed before the school year officially starts or as part of the first week or so of school.

free printable worksheet

When it comes to the favorite subject line this can be anything from subjects that will be covered in their grade level to something they are really interested in such as puppies or the government.

Leave the answers up to the children as much as possible. It can be so interesting to read the things that they come up with!

I would love to hear what your nerdlets came up with so be sure to leave a comment below!

If you found this worksheet useful please share it with others who may like it or pin it for later use! You can always find more worksheets and educational resources on our Homeschool Mamas page as well!

Have a great first week of August!

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Do you know what your child wants to know more about? Explore their interests together with this free printable worksheet! #freeworksheet #homeschoolworksheet #worksheetsforkids
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