Science behind why stepping on a lego hurts so much
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The Science Behind Why Stepping on a LEGO Hurts So Much


You Know the Reputation of These Little Bricks of Torture

We have all been there. That cry in the middle of the night. It could be a bad dream or a misplaced toy that just absolutely has to be found at 3 am. Sooner or later we all end up stumbling through the parkour course that is our kids’ rooms in the dark only to step on a LEGO, or two, or ten.

There is just something about those ominous little bricks that makes them the most notoriously painful things to find underfoot. I think I would prefer to find myself in a thumbtack wrestling match some nights to the LEGO path my son has laid out for me. I swear he does it on purpose sometimes to toughen me up for the zombie apocalypse. This boy takes zombies quite seriously…

It Turns Out There’s A Science Behind It

The YouTube channel from Today I Found Out put out a fascinating video earlier this month on the topic. It explains just why those colorful little blocks of foot-doom are so painful by explaining the science behind why stepping on a LEGO hurts so much. Sites like this are always so enjoyable. I find myself sucked into a haze watching their videos all day at times! (This may or may not have happened when I went to watch the first time!)

Looking for More LEGO?

I am a huge LEGO fan. My son has one of the biggest collections I have seen. I want to eventually build a giant wall in his room out of them…if he ever lets me. It turns out there’s so much more to LEGO than just bricks, though. Did you know that they offer awesome items for the home in their online store as well? Below are just a few of my personal favorite “grown up” items available from LEGO.


LEGO Red Brick Clock

Salt and Pepper Set

Minifigure Ice Cube Tray

LEGO notebook with studs

Join in the Discussion

Were you a big LEGO fan growing up? What were your favorite LEGOS? Do your kids leave you the parkour of bricks or have you devised a plan to make it around them? We would love to hear what you have to say! Leave us a comment or stop by our new Facebook group and join in the conversation!

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2 thoughts on “The Science Behind Why Stepping on a LEGO Hurts So Much”

  1. I always thought it was the shape of the Lego,putting weight down on various angles of one’s foot always affects how much its going to sting. What a cute idea for a blog post!!

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