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Make Learning Fun with our Parts of the Cell Quiz and Free Worksheet

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Sometimes biology can be a tough topic to teach. If science isn’t your forte it can be daunting to try to remember the topics, to go over the material, or to present it in a way that is meaningful and educational for your nerdlets.

For us, quizzes are a fun way to learn topics that require a lot of memorization and facts. We plan on bringing a lot more of them in the future as well to help out those of you looking for a little something extra to help teach tougher topics. ( So be sure to join our mailing list to know when quizzes and worksheets are available!)

Take our quick and fun parts of the cell quiz to learn about the main concepts of cell parts including organelles, structure, and more!


parts of the cell

We also created a quick and easy worksheet to help your nerdlets remember the parts of the cell. With this worksheet, they can research the different parts of the cell and write in the definitions they find ( or that you designate for them). The worksheet can also be used as a study guide to help remember the main structures of the animal cell.


As part of our study this week we also made a diagram of a cell cross-section out of clay to paint and label. For my little nerdlet as a kinesthetic learner, this really helped to solidify the concepts.

parts of the cell

Are you looking for more learning material? Check out our other worksheets and items available in our Homeschool Mamas page.

For more fun science check out our Oobleck tutorial and worksheets!

Happy Learning!

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Test your knowledge on the parts of the cell with our quiz and download our free printable worksheet at

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