How to Make Natural Cleaning Products to Save the Earth and Your Wallet

natural cleaning products

It seems as though nowadays you can’t get away from the message that many of the products we use in our homes from day to day aren’t really the greatest things to be regularly exposed to. Now, whether you believe that or not there’s no denying the fact that the harsh chemicals in many products can cause symptoms such as breathing difficulties, headaches, and much more for some people. I am definitely one of those people as I can have a migraine triggered with just a single spray of bleach some days. Due to this, I have made a change to more natural cleaning products in our home. 

Now, don’t worry. I’m not here to sell an expensive subscription or hawk essential oils here. While those things all have their place I found myself in need of products that were not only natural but a frugal option for cleaning as well. Many of the natural cleaning products I’ve got gathered to share today are super low cost compared to the stuff you can pick up in the store. You can’t beat saving the environment and saving a few bucks while you’re at it too! 

Some may argue that it takes too much time to create your own homemade cleaning supplies. However, with many of these recipes, you can easily make a batch on a Sunday afternoon to have on hand to use throughout the week or even for months into the future! 

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natural cleaning products

How to Make Low-Cost Natural Cleaning Supplies at Home

Many of the recipes below for natural cleaning products can be made from items already found in your kitchen. There are only a few different items that you will need to pick up. Luckily, you can buy each of these in bulk for a low price on sites like Amazon or pick them up at your local Walmart.

Natural Household Cleaning Recipes 

These recipes can be used to create cleaners to use throughout the house on carpets, upholstery, hard surfaces, and much more. They use simple but effective ingredients to cut through dirt with ease but also leave your surfaces damage free and beautiful. 

natural cleaning products

This all-purpose cleaner can be used throughout the home on all types of hard surfaces such as countertops, ovens, and even outdoors. It is best to use clear distilled vinegar in this recipe as other types of vinegar can leave undesirable residues. When using water in a natural cleaner it is best to use warm water when available. This will help the ingredients in the cleaner blend more smoothly. 

natural cleaning products

Just as in the all-purpose cleaner it is best to use clear distilled vinegar or white vinegar in this recipe. For best results, I use 70% alcohol in this cleaner. Combine the vinegar and warm water. Add in rubbing alcohol and cornstarch. Shake gently until completely combined. 

natural cleaning products

This dusting spray is fantastic to use on hardwood surfaces such as tables, chairs, and much more. We use distilled vinegar in this recipe along with extra virgin olive oil and warm water. You can use any essential oils that you would like here. Sometimes I use a lemon or tangerine one for a citrus scent. Other times I use lavender for a calming scent. If you would like to up the aroma or lower it a bit you can adjust the number of drops of essential oil you use. 

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Carpet Cleaners and Fresheners 

As a rescue mom of two dogs and multiple cats, it can be hard to keep my floors clean. Sometimes I just need to freshen things up a little. Other times I need to do a spot clean to remove dirt and grime from the carpet itself. Having a natural cleaner on hand no matter the need means having both a spot remover and freshener available. 

natural cleaning products

This carpet cleaner is a great option to use when you need a spot cleaner or a good scrub down of your whole carpet. It is safe and non-toxic to both little people and pets. When using a dish soap I always find that I get better results from using blue Dawn dish soap. It could be that I’ve just been trained to like it better from all of the old wive’s tales, but I really do think it works better. Again, we are using distilled white vinegar and warm water. You can use any baking soda that you have on hand. 

If you have a particularly bad spot on your carpet you can make a paste from the baking soda and water to let sit on the stain for several minutes. To clear the paste simply spray with the vinegar and dish soap mixture. Otherwise, combine all ingredients in a bottle and use to spray on carpet as needed for cleaning. 

natural cleaning products

This one is quite possibly one of the simplest natural cleaners to put together. It’s literally just baking soda and essential oil to help add freshness. Baking soda is an excellent odor remover and the essential oil helps to leave a clean fresh scent behind instead. You can use any essential oil scents you prefer here. However, it is important to use an organic one as some carrier oils may cause issues or discoloration of your carpet. 

To use this carpet cleaner simple blot dry any wet spots or stains on the carpet. Sprinkle the cleaner onto the carpet, upholstery, or other fabric surfaces. Let sit for up to 15 minutes and vacuum away. 

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natural cleaning products

Bathroom Cleaner 

If I had to pick one cleaner from the local grocery that I had the most issues with it would be the bathroom cleaner. Often the smell can be so overpowering. This is especially true if the cleaner has bleach or tile cleaner in it. With natural cleaners, you can easily avoid the overpowering aromas of many premade versions. 

natural cleaning products

This cleaner is an excellent choice for getting tiles, sinks, and other bathroom surfaces clean and disinfected. The hydrogen peroxide helps to kill away germs and helps to keep tile surfaces looking fresh and free of mold or mildew. I use this one all-purpose bathroom cleaner on all of my bathroom surfaces.

You can use any baking soda that you have on hand for this cleaner. You can also just use any household hydrogen peroxide that you have on hand. Many people will not already have Castille soap on hand if they aren’t already making natural cleaners at home. However, it can easily be picked up at a local grocery or online. As with all of the recipes above, you want to use warmer water when mixing this cleaner.

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natural cleaning products

Washing Dishes Naturally 

When you think about it, dishes are the one thing that you really should be cleaning as naturally as possible. All of our food comes into contact with these items throughout the day. If the cleaning products that we use are leaving a chemical residue on our dishes then all of those chemicals will get picked up in our food and put directly into our bodies. 

natural cleaning products

There are two ways that you can go about this dishwashing liquid. You can use the borax in or leave it out if you are uncomfortable using it. I do find that things come out much cleaner when I do use borax in the mixture. However, I have done it both ways with decent results. It is important to note that washing soda is a little different from baking soda. You can pick it up in the laundry aisle of your local grocery store or pick it up online. When choosing Epsom salt it is important to use a plain variety rather than those that have scents, colors, and other additives. 

You can use this recipe (minus the borax) to handwash your dishes. However, I find that a simple Castille soap works well for handwashing dishes. Personally, I use this recipe in my dishwasher in place of the prepackaged cubes and pouches. 

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What Not to Mix When Making Natural Cleaning Supplies

Just because something is known as natural you can’t be sure that it isn’t dangerous. Much like premade cleaning products that you buy in the store, there are some things that you absolutely do not want to mix when making homemade cleaning supplies. Doing so can result in dangerous fumes or chemical reactions that can cause burns, irritation, or blindness. 

  • Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide – This mix can create a corrosive acid, known as peracetic acid, that can cause chemical burns to the body and potentially damage the surface that you are trying to clean.
  • Vinegar and Castille Soap – While not particularly dangerous this combination can do more damage to your surface than good. The acidity in vinegar can cause the Castille soap to break down into the base oils that were used to create it.
  • Vinegar and Hardwood Floors – It is important to not use an acidic product such as distilled vinegar on hardwood floors because it can do damage to the wood. It can strip the finish off of floors and cause corrosive damage to the floor itself.
  • Vinegar and Egg – If you happen to spill egg in your kitchen while making breakfast of baking a cake it is best to avoid using a vinegar based cleaner to address it. This is because the acidity of the vinegar can react with the proteins of the egg causing it to turn into a sludgy gooey mess that will be even harder to remove from your kitchen surfaces. 

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