colorable mandalas for stress relief
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Colorable Mandalas for Stress Relief on a Rough Day

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We have all had one of those days. For some of us, those days turn into weeks, months, or even years. For the average person, stress can range from a nuisance to a killer. For many individuals living with mental illness, stress can begin a domino effect when it gets to be more than we can handle.

For this reason, coping skills are some of the most important things that can be taught to someone with mental illness. Coping skills work as a way to take your mind off of the present situation and ground yourself back into reality through mindfulness.

One of my favorite coloring skills, while it may sound like something a younger individual may enjoy it is actually beneficial to people of all ages.

I adore coloring mandalas, particularly because there is no way to really mess one up. They make a great coloring tool to use while becoming mindful of the stress you are experiencing and working your way through it.

Mandalas for Stress Relief

Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations

mandalas for stress relief

It Doesn’t Matter How Slow You Go As Long as You Don’t Stop

mandalas for stress relief

We Rise By Lifting Others mandalas for stress relief

Stay Humble, Work Hard,  Be Kind

mandalas for stress relief

Mandalas For Pain Relief

Mandalas are not only useful in relieving and coping with stress. They are also fantastic to use a distraction technique when dealing with chronic pain. While they can’t provide direct pain relief there are studies that show distraction as a useful tool in dealing with widespread or chronic pain.

The mandalas above are simple enough to take your mind off of the bad and focus it on a task to be completed, but not one involved enough to cause stress. The uplifting quotes are good to help us get through a variety of situations in which we might need an uplifting word or two.

Best of all, once finished the mandalas can be framed or put up somewhere to remind us of our work as well as give us words of encouragement any time we run across it.

How Do You Deal with Stress?

What are your favorite coping skills for dealing with stress or pain? I am a huge believer in meditation and mindfulness. Through targeting exactly what is causing us issues and working to free our mind of the stress it is creating we can live a little happier every day.

There are several coping mechanisms out there, though so never fear if coloring doesn’t exactly sound like one you would be interested in! Many people choose to walk, listen to music, do a guided meditation, or even play sports. It is important to find something that is enjoyable to you rather than doing what others do. This way you will find the highest impact on relief of stress and unwanted negativity in your life.

Stay Strong Warrior Woman <3

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These colorable mandalas for stress relief include a positive quote to help get you through a rough day.

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