Three Amazingly Healthy Smoothie Recipes Your Kids Will Love

healthy smoothie recipes

Smoothies are an amazing snack choice for kids. Not only are they delicious but they also come with a full serving of fruits, veggies, and many times even dairy! (Depending on dietary restrictions, of course.) Having a good healthy smoothie recipe in your arsenal is a great way to get all the vitamins and minerals into your child’s diet. This can be crucial for kids who refuse to eat fruits and vegetables in any other form. 

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There are so many ways to do a smoothie recipe that you can tailor them to any taste. We’ve decided to go with the top three must-have recipes in our house. Not only are they always kid-approved but they are great for breakfast, lunch, or even a healthy snack. 

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Razzle Dazzle Berry Smoothie Recipe

healthy smoothie recipes for kids

Kids love berries. Moms should love berries too, though! They are full of antioxidants and vitamin C. Berries are a great way to get essential nutrients into your child’s diet.
Berries are great for anyone with chronic illness as well. They are fantastic at reducing inflammation. Some berries even provide extra vitamins that are great for keeping your eyes strong. They are an all-around great option when it comes to fruit.

Rainbow Power Smoothie Recipe

healthy smoothie recipes for kids

If you are looking for a super tasty healthy smoothie you can’t do much better than a rainbow of flavor. Not only is it super cute but a rainbow of fruits and vegetables can boost your immune system and much more. By getting all of the colors into your diet you ensure that you are also getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals children need each day. 
This one comes packed with several fruits and spinach. Spinach is a great way to get a little more iron in their diet!
To achieve the rainbow effect be sure to add your fruits one layer at a time. Give each a few seconds to settle into place before adding the next. You also want to pour as slowly as possible to avoid upsetting the previous layer of fruit. If you find that your colors are running together you can add a little more crushed ice into the mix.

Clean and Green Smoothie Recipe

healthy smoothie recipes for kids

This smoothie is a delicious blend of coconut water, apple juice, ginger, and a variety of fruits.
Ginger is a great addition to any diet. It has powerful anti-emetic properties (to calm a sick stomach). This makes it a great option if you are feeling under the weather. It helps to still get the nutrients you need without upsetting nausea. (It’s a great option if you are experiencing morning sickness!) Ginger also has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. This can be great for anyone suffering from chronic pain conditions.
Spirulina is a fantastic additive for this smoothie as well. It can help lower inflammation, regulate cholesterol, and much more. However, some individuals are more sensitive to Spirulina. It can also interact with some medications. Use caution and check with your doctor or pharmacist before using it as an additive.

Recommended Daily Vitamins and Minerals

Both children and adults should follow the Recommended Daily Allowances of vitamins and minerals. Below you can find a table of each item as well as the amount needed per day of each.

The vitamins and minerals included are:

  • Vitamin A – 300-600 micrograms
  • Vitamin C – 15-45mg
  • Vitamin D – 15 micrograms
  • Vitamin E – 6-11mg
  • Vitamin B1 ( thiamin) – 0.5-0.9mg
  • Vitamin B2 ( riboflavin) – 0.5-0.9mg
  • Vitamin B3 ( niacin) – 6-12mg
  • Vitamin B5 ( pantothenic acid) – 2-4mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 0.5-1mg
  • Vitamin B7 ( biotin) – 8-20 micrograms
  • Vitamin B12 – 0.9-1.8 micrograms
  • Folate – 150-300 micrograms
  • Choline – 200-375mg

Healthy smoothie recipes are a fun and tasty way to add nutrition to any diet. They are always a hit with kids as well as a good way of using fruits and vegetables that will be going bad soon. No matter the time of day, a smoothie is always a good option! 

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