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The One Tool You Need to Grow Your Blog Traffic in Any Niche

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There are so many different tools and programs out there for bloggers. It’s dizzying at times just how many things we have to sort through when it comes to simplifying or organizing our time as writers or content creators.

If I was given the option to choose only one thing to focus my efforts on, however, it would be Pinterest. This is for a number of reasons.

For one, Pinterest feels as though it was made for bloggers. Pinterest is like a marketplace of ideas. Bloggers, for the most part, are the creators and curators of those ideas.

In addition, Pinterest is a visual search engine. This means that browsers of this platform can not only read why your idea is a good one but also see why it is a good idea

grow your blog traffic

Optimizing for Pinterest

One of the most important things to think of when creating content to share on Pinterest is the fact that people are browsing for ideas. This means that you only have a few seconds to grab their attention before they are on to the next pin if you don’t set yourself up as someone who can give them information or inspiration on their ideas.

When optimizing for Pinterest it is crucial that you have two things.

  1. You must have a striking image to capture their attention. Beautifully showcase your ideas in a way that draws the browser to your pin over the others is an almost instant effect, but arguably the most important. Excellent lighting or even the use of Stock Photography is key here. The more professional your image looks, the more likely your image is going to be seen as one of authority on a particular idea or subject.
  2. You must have readable text that quickly explains your post or idea and give the reader a reason to say “Yes I need to save this for later” or even better “ooh, I need to read this right now.”

A majority of Pinterest users are browsing pins on mobile. This means that your pins must be optimized for mobile above anything else. Images shouldn’t be too busy and text should be big and bold enough to read easily on a mobile screen. I know, we all love script fonts… I’m guilty here too. When using one, however, it is crucial to double check that it is readable on a smaller screen or your image will be passed over.

Think of it this way. When you are browsing the grocery store and looking for a new item that you haven’t used before would you be more likely to pick the product with the interesting packaging, or one that has a box that it fits in but doesn’t really draw your attention with interesting words or pretty colors?

Your pins are just like those products in the store. Sure, both the dull one and the interesting one may well be basically the same thing, but what incentive do you have to buy the dull one? If it doesn’t grab your attention right away the majority of us will pass right over it to something that looks more interesting for one reason or another.

grow your blog traffic

Planning Your Pins

You could have absolutely stunning images and the wording to go with them, but still lack in traffic when it comes to visits from Pinterest ( If you are unsure on how to find where your traffic comes be sure to check out this post that goes over Analytics a bit).This is due to one simple thing that so many newer bloggers overlook about the platform.

Timing is Everything

Knowing your audience and their behaviors on Pinterest is so important to having pins that consistently perform and bring traffic to your site.

One tool that I use along with plain old analytics to keep track of the best times for me to post is called Tailwind. This app keeps tabs on everything that is going on in your Pinterest account.

Since I began using Tailwind to better understand and respond to my particular audience I have seen explosive growth in the response to my pins.

In addition to keeping an eye on things, rather than having a burst of pins here and there Tailwind schedules them out at determined times based on when your particular audience is active.

What methods do you use to help gain blog traffic? I remember that being one of the biggest struggles I faced when first starting out and before I knew how awesome services like Tailwind or Board Booster could be.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Happy Blogging!

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