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Give Kids a Smile Day (with free homeschool printable)

Give Kids a Smile Day began in St. Louis in 2002 where Dr. Jeff Dalin and Dr. B. Ray Storm gave free dental care to close to 400 under-privileged children. Since then over 5.5 million children have received free dental care. This includes oral screenings, education, and more thanks to the help of countless volunteers.

The program, which continues to expand focuses on three main areas. These include providing care to those with untreated oral disease, strengthening the public/private safety net, and expanding disease prevention further into the community.

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Give Kids a Smile Day takes place on the first Friday of February, it falls on Friday the 3rd in 2017.

Finding Dental Care for Your Child

The program cannot guarantee that there will be a location available in your area. However, they do offer a tool to search clinics in your area that may be offering services free of charge or at an income-based reduced rate for Give Kids a Smile Day.

You can also contact the ADA by calling at 1 – 888 – 490 – GKAS 

How Can I Help?

If you would like to Donate to the Give Kids a Smile program you can find the ADA Donations page here.

There are a number of other wonderful projects going on through the ADA that you can donate to while you are there as well.

Let’s Get Inspired

Give Kids a Smile Day is a great day to talk to kids about just what makes them smile. Our kids are full of smiles, but have they really stopped lately to think about where they are coming from? This is a great exercise in helping get kids be mindful of what makes them happy, inspired, and more. Depending on the age this can be as simple or in-depth as needed.

I’ve created a fun little printable for Give Kids a Smile Day for elementary age children to help start conversations about what makes them smile. It is free to print and use as you would like. However, it is not to be sold or redistributed.

If you use it I would love to hear what your little nerdlets came up with!

Give Kids a Smile

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