Quick and Easy Snacks to Get Your House Game Day Ready

game day recipes


Can you guys believe it’s a new year already? After the way 2017 went for our family, I am SO ready for a fresh new start. A new year is always a clean slate for me. A way to get myself together and really tackle any goals that I didn’t really accomplish the previous year.

Speaking of goals what could inspire celebration for the New Year like an awesome football party?  It’s always a great start to a year of fun holiday parties. No matter the weather it’s a great way to get friends together and enjoy food, fun, and a little competition  (because we all know there is never a party where everyone is for the same team. There’s always that one guy.)

In our family parties are both kid-friendly and adult-friendly. This means food that is both delicious and a treat to eat. With the help of Ball Park® Hot Dogs and buns, Wright Brand®  bacon, and a few other all-star players we have created a couple of football party treats that all of our guests will consider a score.

We made a fun hot dog creation station where kids and adults will enjoy making their own lineup. It includes a variety of DIY toppings and trimmings. The great thing about this is that it takes no time at all to prepare so you can be enjoying time with friends rather than hiding out in the kitchen.

In addition, we added air fryer taquitos with a twist. Rather than the traditional chicken used in my taquitos, I used Tyson® Any’tizers buffalo chicken for a unique flavor. I cannot even begin to say how in love with the air fryer I am since finally making the decision to purchase one. With ZERO oil the air fryer adds a healthy option to traditionally fried party treats.

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game day recipes

Hot Dog Creation Station

1-2 packages Ball Park® Hot Dog
1-2 packages Ball Park® Hot Dog Buns
1 C sweet relish
1 C shredded cheddar cheese
1 medium onion, diced
10 slices Wright Brand® Bacon, prepared and diced

This is one of the simplest ways to really allow your guests to get exactly what they want. By pairing Ball Park® Hot Dogs and Buns with an all-star line up like fresh relish, Wright Brand® bacon, shredded cheese, and chopped onion you are guaranteed a win.

To take it to the next level you could add chili, pico de gallo, or any other toppings that suit your friends and family. We have done this a number of different ways for past get-togethers.

game day recipes

Air Fryer Buffalo Chicken Taquitos with Ranch Dipping Sauce

1 bag Tyson® Any’tizers®  Buffalo Chicken Boneless Wings
1 package tortillas, corn or flour
1 C ranch dressing
½ C chives, chopped

These are definitely a big hit in our house. The buffalo chicken and ranch combo is a fun twist on the traditional taquito. By using the air fryer we kick unwanted fat to the sidelines too!

Thanks to Tyson® Any’tizers® this chicken taquito recipe is so easy to make. This can be done a couple of different ways. However, for this time we cooked the chicken for just a few minutes in the microwave and did a rough chop before adding it to the tortillas. If you prefer more of a shredded chicken style you can pulse them a few times in a food processor.

Cooking times will vary slightly based on the type and thickness of tortillas you use. Traditionally, taquitos are made with corn tortillas. If you prefer you can absolutely use corn tortillas for these. However, I prefer flour tortillas.

When placing the tortillas into the air fryer you want to put them with the seam down or they could pop open on you. ( I have definitely opened the air fryer up to exploded chicken a time or two!) If you need a little extra sticking power you can use a thin layer of the ranch on the tortilla as well. Set for 390 degrees and about 10 minutes.

game day recipes

Get Your Party Game Day Ready

I love that these game day recipes are so easy to put together. However, I also love that the ingredients are simple yet full of flavor and easy to find at your local Walmart! When living in a small rural town like we do it can be hard sometimes to find obscure ingredients. That’s why I love the ease of ingredients that are flavorful and available at our local Walmart.

Right now you can buy, collect, and score with the Tyson winning line up at Walmart. Head here for more information and to start collecting now!

game day recipes

Share Your Winning Combinations

Are you planning a big game day party this year? Share your favorite recipes in the comments below! We love to see what you guys have planned.

Happy Snacking!

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Buffalo chicken taquitos in the air fryer and an epic hot dog creation station to make your game day party awesome

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