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End of Summer Math Refresher : Fishy Addition Free Math Worksheets!

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Summer is almost over! Can you believe it? We had so much fun this summer. It seemed like it was so short though.

While the end of summer means getting those last few fireflies caught and eating as many ice cream sundaes as you can in one week it also means starting to think about refreshing knowledge from the previous year or introducing new concepts that kids will be working on in the coming year.

We will be covering a TON of refresher topics and quick starters on the site this month to help you get ready for whatever the next grade may be. This will include language arts, science fundamentals, and math basics.

My own are in middle school so throughout the year I will be focusing a lot on middle school and elementary resources. However, for activities and material that cover all ages and grades be sure to check out the site’s Pinterest boards. They are full of amazing resources that kids of any age would love and those targeted to specific age groups.

Free Math Worksheets

These resources are free through our site and available to both homeschoolers and those that go to school away from home. While we are a homeschool family and ultimately a homeschool site, these free math worksheets are a good activity for kids in either boat.

Fishy Addition #1 focuses on single digit addition for younger children. Number two is double-digit addition with a little bit of carrying. Finally, Fishy Addition #3 is triple digit addition with a variety of problems both with carrying and without. The last of the three would be best suited for older elementary ages.


free math worksheets


free math worksheet





I decided to add a fun ocean word search along with these math worksheets for more ocean themed summer fun. You can find the download for that file below!


free math worksheets


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Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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Three free addition printables featuring fun fish with a bonus ocean word search. A great summer math refresher! #additionworksheet #homeschoolprintable #mathprintable #freemathworksheet
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