DIY Nerf gun shooting range

DIY Nerf Gun Shooting Range ( A Fun Upcycled Craft for Moms and Kids)

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So my son got this little Nerf gun for Christmas. Some parents say no way to playing with guns but for this one I’m saying “oh yay” because it is literally the only thing he would talk about for the past two months. I’m not really pro or against toy guns for kids. Of course, I promote a non-violent approach. Let’s face it, though. Nerf guns are just fun. I think I’ve had almost as much fun with this thing as he has.

He chose such a modest little thing, after all. Then he went today and bought another small addition to his arsenal. In all, I can’t even count the number of nerf guns and darts he got this year. In his world, it really is Nerf of Nothin’ right now.

With his sister back in the hospital after spending a day with us on Christmas Eve (which was awesome), he’s really got nobody but his dad and I to shoot at, though. This is where I came up with the idea for a shooting range for him to practice on. This way, the walls in the hallway get pelted with Nerf darts and his dad and I don’t.

DIY Nerf gun shooting range

DIY Nerf Gun Shooting Range

This project is an awesome one for a chilly day because it is made of items you can most likely find in your home and your little cavalry can help you put it together.

Any colors can be used for this DIY project. I just chose those that I had on hand. I loved them for my dinosaur succulent planters and had plenty leftover for this project.

I used brushes that I had on hand as well. Any brushes that work better for little hands in your house will work well for this project. I found that by using the styrofoam plates the paint absorbed and coated the plate well with just a few coats.

DIY nerf gun shooting range

If you prefer paper plates (or have those on hand) you can absolutely use those for this project. I personally prefer styrofoam plates because the texture holds the paint well and you get a soft, smooth surface to write your number on after painting.

DIY Nerf gun shooting range

I just used a Sharpie marker to write my score numbers on the painted plates. (The back side is just left white, but you can paint it too if you prefer a more uniform look.) You can paint your numbers on in black or white but I found that the marker works just as well for this project.

You can use any score that you prefer. If you are working on particular numbers in your homeschool (or public school) lessons you can use those numbers to make up your score. I chose 20,50, and 100 to make it quick and easy to tally up your score.

A spare dry erase board can be used to keep score or you can make one from a picture frame and decorative paper.

DIY Nerf gun shooting range

Use a hole punch to add a hole to the top of each of your numbered plates. Alternatively, I used a pen to punch a hole so I could move it down a little more. Just be careful not to go too fast or you can wreck your plate. (I might have done this, too)

DIY Nerf gun shooting range

Using twine that we had on hand I made a loop for each of the numbered plates. I then strung them each on one of three lengths of twine. (I measured those our to fit the width of our hallway.) If you have thread, yarn, or even ribbon on hand you can use those as well.

We attached ours to the wall using tape. It was just a temporary installation so the tape was all that was needed for the time being.

Needed for This Project

1 spool twine or yarn

8 styrofoam plates

3 colors acrylic paint

1 Sharpie marker

1 pair scissors


How to Make a DIY Nerf gun shooting range

Separate plates into a pile of 4, a pile of 3 and I pile of 1. Choose a paint color for each pile. Cut the outer rim from the pile of three. Cut the outer rim and about 1 inch off of the diameter of the single plate. The pile of 4 remains unaltered. Paint each of your piles the color that you have chosen for them.I used two layers of paint on each for an even color.

Poke a hole into the top of each after the paint has dried. Add the appropriate number ( see above) to each of the colored plates.

Using a small length of twine make a loop through each of the holes you added to the plates. Cut three longer lengths of twine. (You can measure your hallway or whatever space you have chosen for your shooting range.)

Loop each of your piles onto one of the lengths of twine. Hang them in your chosen location so that the single color if highest, the pile of three is below it and the pile of four is on the bottom.

DIY Nerf gun shooting range

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Happy Nerfing!

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This super fun and easy DIY craft for kids and moms makes a Nerf gun shooting range right in your own home.


This super fun and easy DIY craft for moms and kids makes a Nerf gun shooting range rigt in your own home!

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