How to Make a Fun DIY Galaxy Themed Lip Scrub for Under $5

We all know self-care is important but sometimes it can get expensive! Once you start buying things like makeup, body scrubs, and even warm socks the price can start to add up. This is one of the main reason some moms choose to put self-care on the back burner. It is definitely a factor for me. Whether you’re a frugalista or not it’s in our nature as moms. We put our needs last because there’s always something to buy for our kids. 

Taking the time to make your own DIY self-care products can be a great way to keep the costs down. It’s also a great way to make sure that the products you are using contain all of the best ingredients. You can leave out all of the crap that gets put into beauty products by making your own! This DIY lip scrub is a great example of this. Not only is it super inexpensive to make, but you can use natural, organic bases to make it your own.

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Hanah and I wanted to start making a few fun self-care items for the store this year. We decided to start simple with a DIY lip scrub. Of course, being the nerds that we are it had to be galaxy themed. What’s better than space? Did you hear about the probe that left the freakin solar system recently? It doesn’t get much cooler than space in my book. It’s truly the final frontier! We chose fun fruity flavors like Strawberry and Watermelon to go with our bright galaxy colors. You can choose any flavors you want though. That’s the beauty of DIY. There is ALWAYS room to make something truly your own.

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Benefits of Using a Lip Scrub

Sugar scrubs are a great way to exfoliate the body. They can also be an excellent option for softer lips. The fine grain of sugar helps to remove dead skin without being too rough on the delicate skin of the lips. While body scrubs tend to use a coarse sugar I prefer using a finer sugar for lip scrubs. It leaves lips looking and feeling amazing! With the addition of fruity flavors, it leaves them tasting pretty good as well!

Many lip scrubs include oils to help to soften or even plump the lips. This could be olive oil, coconut oil, or even a few varieties of essential oils. ( It is important to use caution when using essential oils, though. Always be sure you are using ones that are safe for consumption as you are putting it on your lips. Some can cause toxicity or skin burns when used improperly.)

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How to Choose the Proper Sugar for a DIY Lip Scrub

Some body scrubs contain salt to exfoliate. When used on the lips it is best to stick to sugar. It naturally contains glycolic acid, which is great for killing bacteria on the skin. It also tends to be smaller particles than most varieties of salt. Finally, it just tastes better! I don’t think it’s a hard argument that it’s better to have lips tasting like candy than ones tasting like a super pretzel!

When choosing a sugar to use it’s going to be a matter of personal preference. Your personal needs in a lip scrub come into play here too. For a lighter exfoliating you can use a finer sugar. If you have been out in the wind and cold all winter and need a little extra you can go with more of a coarse sugar.

Some believe that brown sugar makes the lips softer than castor sugar does. For a natural alternative, you can use date sugar instead. While I often suggest turbinado sugar in my baking it is best to avoid in a lip scrub. It’s much more coarse than other sugars and isn’t a good choice. I do try to stay away from processed sugar so we chose to use fine cane sugar.

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How to Make a DIY Lip Scrub

It couldn’t be any easier to make your own lip scrubs at home. Many of the ingredients will already be in your pantry if you’re a baker! The best part of this project is that it takes five minutes or less from start to finish! You can make a variety of your favorite flavors and stock up in no time. This also makes DIY lip scrubs a great idea for gifting friends or selling at a local craft sale!


1 T organic coconut oil 

2 T sugar 

1-2 drops of flavoring ( The one we use is super concentrated so less is more.) 

1-2 drops of coloring, per color (adjust to reach tone you prefer) 

Put 1T of organic coconut oil into a small mixing bowl. Gradually add your sugar to the bowl until you reach your preferred texture. We found a 2:1 ratio of sugar to coconut oil was a good starting place. You can adjust there for a more or less grainy texture. 
Mix in your flavoring oil and then your coloring. A little goes a long way for both of these so be sure to use them sparingly. You can add more to get to the shade that you want. It is important to note that some coloring will stain your lips if you use too much. While the pink seemed ok we did have a slight issue with the blue.

How to Create a Galaxy Color Pattern

We took a little of each of our colors and carefully folded them together to create the galaxy look. You want to use caution here to not mix too vigorously or you will just end up with purple.
We made two separate batches of lip scrub to achieve our galaxy color theme. The first batch had pink coloring and strawberry flavor. The second was a blue color with watermelon flavoring. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Total missed opportunity to use blue raspberry. The combination of strawberry and watermelon together was totally worth it though!
We took a little of each color to fill half of the lip scrub container. Then we carefully folded the two colors together to create the galaxy look. You want to be careful and go slow here. If you get too heavy-handed or lazy you will just end up with purple. It’s kind of like folding something in while baking. The slower and more careful you are the better your results will be.
We found that it works a little better to have more of the pink than blue. The pink is more forgiving and easier to blend into the blue without overdoing it. On the other hand, the blue can overpower things pretty quickly.
You can use the edge of a spoon or a small pick to make the galaxy swirl. In the end, you should come up with a scrub that looks somewhat like a snow cone. (YUM)
This is such an easy DIY to run with and make your own. You can use your signature flavors and colors or come up with your own unique blends.
If you decide to give this DIY a try be sure to leave us a comment and let us know how it went!
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