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Charlotte’s Web Reading Study Questions for Homeschool Students

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One of the books that we decided to start our year off with this time around was Charlotte’s Web. We have been dealing with a few issues on understanding how to treat others so I thought this would be a good book for gaining a better understanding of the meaning of friendship and knowing to treat others how you would like to be treated. In addition, it’s just a fun read and a good way to get the ball rolling for the year. I was actually pretty surprised that my daughter hadn’t read it already while in public school, but it’s a quick and easy one to get under our belt for the year.

This is also a fantastic book to tie into the Halloween season with the topic of spiders. There are so many ways to study spiders. We labeled spider parts on models that we made and used those for vocabulary words. We also made super fun spider chocolate chip cookies to work on math and “life skills” as part of our Charlotte’s Web unit.

charlotte's web reading questions

Charlotte’s Web Reading Questions

Included in this set available for free are reading questions for each chapter, broken into 2 chapter sections. We decided to go with two chapters at a time as a way to easily get through the book. This really helped a lot for discussing the book, and working on other concepts that went along with the various chapters.

The questions included are simple to follow and come directly from the text.

charlottes web reading questoions

Bonus Pages

Included in this pack are two bonus pages that cover the use of nouns. I was planning on doing an entire parts of speech pack but decided to add these two in just for fun.

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Happy Reading!

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Free Printable homeschool reading comprehension questions for Charlotte's Web.


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