Geek Girl Guide

Friday Finds: Fall Decor Edition

If you have been reading our previous posts lately you might have noticed that we are just a little bit excited that fall is almost here. I am SO ready for summer to be over. We had a ton of fun like visiting New Orleans, wandering haunted cemeteries in Savannah, and plenty of beach time, …

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Blogging 101

How to Hide a Pinterest Image in a WordPress Post

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. However, here at Ghastly Girl we highly value honesty and only recommend or support brands and services that we back 100% For more on this and our privacy policy please visit our terms of service page. If you haven’t started using Pinterest now is the time. There is …

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Cooking Mamas

Cinnamon Sugar Muffin Bites

Can you ever go wrong with cinnamon/sugar anything? In my book that answer is a hard no. There is just something about that combination that is perfect for breakfast, snacks, or any other time my sweet tooth is yelling FEED ME. ( which is way more often than I would like to admit ) These …

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fall crafts for kids

10 Must Try Fall Crafts for Kids to Try This Year

Fall is Almost Here I have to say that fall is my favorite season. Maybe it is because I was born in November, or just because I prefer cooler weather ( espicially since moving to the south..omg ). There is just something about crisp breezes, crunchy leaves on the ground, and the smell of pumpkins …

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